Sony and Rhapsody Join Forces to Launch Music Streaming in Japan

Posted on 12th December, 2018

Sony and Rhapsody Join Forces to Launch Music Streaming in Japan

Here’s wishing Sony and Rhapsody good luck as they form a joint venture to launch Japan’s inaugural on-demand high-resolution, music streaming service.

With the Japanese heavily invested in CD and Vinyl and physical media commanding 72 per cent of recorded music revenue, Rhapsody and Sony are going to need all the luck they can conjure.

Undeterred by the challenge, the pair is powering ahead to launch a 24-bit/96kHz lossless FLAC file music streaming service called Mora Qualitas, set to cost Japanese music lovers about US$17.50 per month.

A division of labour sees Rhapsody providing the service with its Powered By Napster platform that includes tailor-made systems, APIs and tools designed for the Japanese market.

Initially, Mora Qualitas will run on Macs and Windows PCs. Sony and Rhapsody say they will provide many other platforms in the future.

Rhapsody is delighted to have a legacy audio-video brand the calibre of Sony on-board and says both are committed to the venture. 

Brian Ringer, Rhapsody’s Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Asia Pacific said:

Our partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Japan offers the ultimate experience for audio enthusiasts in Japan as they no longer have to chose between a streaming service and high quality audio. With Mora Qualitas, fans can now have both for the very first time.

Sony sees a bright future for the venture and music streaming in Japan. 

Shigeki Tanaka, Senior Vice President of Sony Music Entertainment Japan said Rhapsody’s experience makes it the ideal partner:

There is a lot of momentum happening in streaming and it’s going to get better for consumers and artists, with the introduction of Mora Qualitas, our new global-on-demand audio service.

Rhapsody International has vast experience in digital music. The company operates the Napster platform in 34 countries offering premium subscription music streaming services.

Mora Qualitas will get Rhapsody’s platform service that includes media streaming and download infrastructure, applications, rights management, customer billing and royalty revenue estimations.

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