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After launching in Australia back in 2015, Redefy Audio's founder, Henry Kristanto, embarked on a journey into design, manufacturing and marketing of his loudspeaker creations.

After exhibiting at a handful of shows in Australia and Asia, the boutique brand has emerged again with a brand new, as-yet-unnamed new model that embraces modern living, current trends and the latest tech.

Henry Kristanto told StereoNET:

Our vision for big speakers comes home, but in a smaller package (much smaller) that can hopefully satisfy listeners, music lovers, hi-fi nuts, digital audio geeks, purists, analog enthusiasts, audiophiles or anyone who wants to enjoy music playback as humanly possible is transpired through this.


The new speaker nearing release is a compact, stand-mount, fully active design that satisfies Kristanto's fascination with large-sized high-sensitivity drivers and horns, which often are just too large for many living and listening spaces. Henry has folded the traditional design and uses all available real estate to squeeze more drivers in while keeping the physical size down.

It comprises four carbon-woven Neo 170mm subwoofers in a sealed enclosure, one 170mm carbon paper cone Neo midrange driver, and a 1.1” Beryllium dome tweeter with 160mm waveguide to better control the sound dispersion.

Unique to Redefy Audio are the long-stroke woofers which were purposely designed for small, sealed enclosures. The midrange driver also features a Curvi Cone with bullet-shaped dust cap, which according to Henry “offers optimum frequency linearity and minimum breakup”.

Where other manufacturers often choose loudspeaker drivers from the thousands available off the shelf, the Redefy Audio drivers were developed by an OEM manufacturer from scratch to Kristanto's exacting specifications.


The cabinets are produced from Birch Ply with an exemplary finish that we have come to expect from Redefy Audio.

Also incorporated is a high-power DSP combined with an internal 3-channel 600w amplifier which features three preset modes for Boundary settings and Frequency Countour. It also offers balanced and unbalanced analog inputs and digital inputs.

Henry says his latest active stand mount monitor speakers are capable of 115db SPL and offers a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz.


The price is expected to be around (USD) $7,500 and they will be available soon. What we do know from previous Redefy Audio loudspeakers is the ease in which they reproduce music and craftsmanship you would expect from only the finest artisans.

If the lack of physical room size has been a challenge, but you're still yearning for that big sound that only large format speakers can deliver, you might want to put these on your 2019 audition shortlist.

For more information visit Redefy Audio.


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