Posted on 6th January, 1987


You know how TV screens are usually measured in inches, such as 14 or 22 inches, and give good viewing pleasure. Well imagine what it would be like to view a 200 inch screen! In case that’s hard to picture, the screen is 13 feet by 10 feet.

Mitsubishi have just developed a video projector which can achieve this. The VS-2000 was on a brief tour here recently and it was well worth a look. The VS-2000 is a large unit that either sits on the floor or hangs from the ceiling. Three 14 inch cathode ray tubes (CRTs) – red, green and blue – throw out 650 Lumen peak. The light output is claimed to be 3.5 times greater than models using 7″ CATs.

Dave Harley from NZ Mitsubishi distributor Melco Sales, said that the advantage of a large screen is that it “induces involvement and excitement” and boy, is he right. Even films I had seen many times, such as Return of the Jedi and The Temple of Doom were simply quite riveting when viewed on a 200 inch screen. Picture quality held up remarkably well, too. It was better than the 6′ screens I have seen, only falling down in the area of colour saturation which is not as good as a small screen TV monitor.

Cost for the projector (without screen, a TV tuner or video module) is a mere $70,000.

I hear that at least one Auckland Yuppie has ordered one …

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