Estelon Upgrades Classic Line Speakers for 10th Anniversary

Posted on 4th November, 2020

Estelon Upgrades Classic Line Speakers for 10th Anniversary

Estelon is celebrating a decade of success by updating its most iconic models to offer a line of Mk II high-end speakers. 

Estelon celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and to mark this milestone, as well as ten years of continual research and development, the Estonian speaker designer has given its Classic Collection a raft of upgrades which now features six Mk II models. The new models are the X Diamond Mk II, XB Diamond Mk II, XB Mk II, and YB Mk II floorstanders and XC Diamond Mk II, and XC Mk II standmounts.

Estelon's Estonian-based chief designer, Alfred Vassilkov, has taken his 35-years of expertise in engineering, along with the knowledge he gained through recently designing the new Flagship Series designs, and applied it to the company's Classic line of speakers. The result is said to offer a new level of performance, making the new speakers “ideal for the true audiophiles and music lovers who appreciate absolute neutrality and tonal balance excellence.”

The upgraded loudspeakers now feature new crossover networks using upgraded resistors with most fitted with models from Mundorf, as well as Silver Gold Oil capacitors. The new internal pure copper cabling is provided by Kubala-Sosna.

Moreover, the X Diamond MkII, XC Diamond Mk II, and XC Mk II are treated to an all-new Accuton 25mm diamond tweeter which is apparently good all the way to 60 kHz. The X Diamond Mk II also adds Duelund Silver Graphite resistors to its new specs, whereas the XB Diamond Mk II boasts copper foil coils. 

All the new Mk II Classic loudspeakers are also now equipped with robust Furutech connectors and Estelon-designed matte black stainless steel floor-spikes/flat feet. Finally, to add an even more classy look, the drivers come in an elegant dark grey colour.

The results of this wide-ranging upgrade are said to include a richer and wider dynamic range, improved transparency, clarity, precision and an unprecedented detailed reproduction.

Estelon wraps things up by saying that Alfred Vassilkov's experience in designing and building high-end speakers has been acknowledged for performing the most realistic and life-like sound. The new Mk II models will intensify this experience and will impress even the most demanding users through their transparency, fidelity, and elegance!

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