Audiovector R 6 Speakers Spotted

Posted on 13th August, 2020

Audiovector R 6 Speakers Spotted

Audiovector has whetted the appetite of loudspeaker fans with its next addition to the Danish brand's R-series speakers.

Audiovector's R 6-series promises to be “a total renewal of the previous SR 6-series with more than 112 new additions, changes, and improvements” when compared to the newcomers' predecessor, according to the manufacturer.

Audiovector R 6 loudspeakers

Planned to arrive early next month, the R 6-series will find its place between the R 3-series and reference R 8 Arreté in the brand's speaker line-up.

The three-model R 6-series which includes the R 6 Arreté, R 6 Avantgarde, and R 6 Signature (left-to-right below), features an Isobaric Compound Bass System and, like its siblings, benefits from Freedom Ground Technology that comprises of an earthing terminal connected to the drive unit chassis. We are told that this banishes unwanted currents flowing in the structure.

Audiovector R 6 loudspeakers

The Audiovector R 6 will be available in a range of finishes, including Italian Walnut veneer, Crayon Piano, and African Rosewood Piano pictured left-to-right above.

We are currently awaiting confirmation on pricing.

For more information, please visit Audiovector.

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