Aragon Launches Titanium Amplifier

Posted on 28th February, 2021

Aragon Launches Titanium Amplifier

Aragon launches its Titanium amplifier which joins the Iridium in the Indy Audio Labs company's Elements Collection.

Aragon's Titanium amplifier is a 2-channel, class A/B, 200W dual-monoblock, which is based upon the brand's 8008 platform.

The Titanium boasts a “no-holds-barred approach to sonic reproduction” with its ability to drive even the most challenging loudspeakers while simultaneously maintaining absurdly low distortion and noise, so we are told.

Titanium, therefore, joins the 400W Iridium in Aragon's Elements Collection. The flagship of the collection, the Iridium, is a high-bias, class A/B differential monoblock amplifier.

Both amplifiers sport characteristics in their core architecture which Aragon says take them to “new heights of performance and authenticity” - those features include lower THD+N, enhanced thermal balancing, and augmented power capabilities. The amplifiers are equipped to operate stand-alone or in concert with a modern control system. As well as the Titanium and Iridium amplifiers, we can expect a preamplifier to join Aragon's Elements Collection in the near future.

Ted Moore, CTO of Indy Audio Labs, Aragon's parent company, told StereoNET:

The Titanium represents the pinnacle in 2-channel amplification in a single chassis from Aragon. It is one of the only truly balanced, truly discrete, and genuinely American-made powerhouse amplifiers on the market today. When we release the third piece of The Elements Collection, our customers will have a complete Aragon audio solution that will give them a uniquely emotional listening experience. Our goal was to create a special and complete group of audio products that will endure and be worthy of collecting, all the while producing some of the most visceral and transformative listening experiences found in the high-performance 2-channel audiophile world.

Watch for upcoming information soon about the name and release date of the new Aragon preamplifier.

The Aragon Titanium is priced at US$10,999 in the USA.

Visit Aragon for more information

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