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ONKYO AV Receiver Thread.. sharing of info and tech

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latest firmware updates for your onkyo avr's released on 14th Jan 2021.   https://www.intl.onkyo.com/support/firmware/index.html

Guest scratchy

Hi all,


My 2.5 yr old 609 now has not sound coming out....i read about the HDMI board problem on the net...locally where do we go to go fix this and is it worth it to repair??


Can i use RCA in and out to my TV as a temp measure?


i did noticed it last week but i on and off quite a few times before the sound came out...now tried many times and still no sound...abit frustrated..


thanks in advance...

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Hwee Seng (Electronics) Pte.Ltd.



81 Genting Lane #02-02, Everich Industrial Building, Singapore 349566






but hv you try with other devices input w/o using hdmi or when playing fm is there any sound?or maybe at spk setup?

Changing of mb w/o warrenty is a bit costly.

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Happen to get a copy of the catalogue and found the SRP with GST , so just input for info. Maybe cheaper in individual shop offer.


TX-NR5010 - S$4,500

TX-NR3010 - S$3,700

TX-NR1010 - S$2,799

TX-NR929 - S$2,499

TX-NR828 - S$2,099

TX-NR727 - S$1,699

TX-NR626 - S$1,299

TX-NR525 - S$1,099

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929 confirm no sub EQ?




Unfortunately the answer is 'yes'. For dual sub owners, pls steer clear of Onkyo 929. But before I dismiss this Audyssey SubEQ HT, fwiw there are 2 subwoofer pre-outs for Onkyo 929. You can still use two subwoofers in your setup but the correction filters will be applied simultaneously to BOTH. So in this case, you will probably need to "co-locate" the two subwoofers together at the same location to yield positive results.


For those who do not know what the heck I am talking about...SubEQ HT is the panacea for dual subwoofer implementation for HT. The benefits of dual subwoofer implementation have already been covered many times in the past and I shall not dwell on it. I am rather surprised, not really "disappointed" that this latest model from Onkyo has this feature omitted...I guess it cost Onkyo quite a fair bit? But if you say the omission of SubEQ HT feature in Onkyo 929 is due to "cost"...then how do we explain the latest flagship model offering (i.e. AVR-X4000) from Denon actually comes with SubEQ HT and is cheaper than Onkyo by almost $600! But having say that, you can see that the extra $600 has been channelled to other features in which Onkyo believed to be more worth the R&D dollars...this is probably, if not the only AVR in the last 2013 to feature bluetooth and Wi-Fi for those who wishes to bypass the DLNA media server...


Anyway back to SubEQ HT, the omission of this feature does not really affect me as I have the Audyssey AS-EQ1 that comes with the SubEQ HT feature should I need to go "dual-sub" in the near future.


UPDATE: I just read on the Audyssey website that SubEQ HT is actually incorporated inside the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 calibration suite; meaning there is NO ADDITIONAL licensing fee required to include this feature inside...Apparently Onkyo is the one that decided to omit this feature altogether and it has nothing to do with cost. Chris Kyriakakis, CTO and founder of Audyssey in his response to a member's query quoted the following:


"So far only AVRs with XT32 have incorporated Sub EQ HT, but it's not a requirement.  Any AVR maker that wants to add the Sub EQ HT functionality can do it." - Chris Kyriakakis


Source: https://audyssey.zendesk.com/entries/20953442-SubEQ-HT-vs-MultEQ-XT32


Hmmm...does that mean, Onkyo can add in this feature via a firmware patch since it is a software algorithm and does not need any extra hardware component to do it?


And I also see in this latest iteration that Onkyo also added a larger (very conspicuous) heatsink to ensure efficient dissipation of heat generated mostly from the HDMI board during operation. This time round, the Onkyo 929 utilize the Marvell QDeo chipset which many *believe* will provide equal superiority vis-a-viz HQV chip. Many users imputed the "heat-problem" which eventually lead to the "frying of the  expensive HDMI board" to be the doing of the HQV chip, however there is no proof to substantiate. Whether is it true or not, the heat generated by this latest model does reduce quite a fair bit but I still recommend to place the AVR on the very top of your AV rack for optimum ventilation.


Besides the copious amount of heat wave generated by the AVR being the infamous "trademark" of Onkyo, there is another bugbear - i.e. the "clicking sound" as one switches from one video source to another or cycling through the various DSP modes in the likes of DTS HD MSTR, Audyssey DSX, Dolby ProLogic IIz etc, I am happy to say that there is a vast improvement in this latest model. The "annoying sound" has been subdued so much so that it is no longer a concern for distraction anymore. The switching is much faster and delay is almost a thing of the past. I also noticed that the Audyssey calibration is more refined and extremely accurate in its reporting. The computation time has also improved a lot. This is based on my experience from my last Onkyo AVR I am using - i.e. TX-NR3008. Perhaps the abovementioned improvements which I have experienced is nothing to shout about for 3010/5010 users? :P


I am also fairly surprised that the stereo mode for normal music listening is rather acceptable...I saw this new features called "PMBass" - which stands for Phase Matching for Bass. Again I am not sure whether this is a new feature or a feature which already existed in 3010/5010 unit...But I can tell you that it does wonders to normal stereo listening. The idea is to minimize or eliminate muddy bass and enhance mid-bass to achieve clarity in vocals. And the results is surprisingly good...I streamed a high bitrate flac music file via bluetooth to the AVR with the PMBass 'On' and I am quite pleased with the overall sound stage, gone are the days of "bright and harsh" elements that plagued 2 channel stereo listening. Well done Onkyo!


The bonus for me is to finally able to utilize ALL my 11.1 speakers at one goal...thanks to the external amplification built in to this model. I have a Tangent stereo power amp that has been used to power up my bass shakers in the past...finally I can put it to good use. the bass shakers is currently re-routed to the additional Subwoofer Pre-Out" channel on the AVR to get that LFE response. So I have the best of both worlds now.


Compared to Denon AVR-X4000, Onkyo really shines in movies...the entire sound stage becomes wider and the surround sound effects becomes more "enveloping", dialogue is crisp - same as AVR-X4000 I will say...and more importantly, the entire auditory experience becomes more "pronounced"...without the fear that your AVR can't go the distance...I used to dial the volume setting to -18db to get the "feel" going for my Denon X4000 but now with the Onkyo 929, -22db can already achieve that desired "effect"...

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Thanks for the detailed writeup


Which of the current model for Onkyo that has XT32 and SubEQ?


I know that Denon is a "polite" AVR versus Onkyo. I have been using Denon for eons and wanted some excitement and added dynamics in my movies. 


x4000 is super cheap for sure and was on my radar since it was launched. But I know I have others like Marantz 7008 and this 929 to compare against. 

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