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Anyone knows how to add subtitles to Blu Ray?

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Hi All,


I have an SRT file for an overseas movie. I use AnyDVD to rip the files onto my PC.


Anyone knows how to add them into the rip? Searching internet turns up posts from 2009/2010 and some vague references.


Anyone know?



Terence Lee

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Method 1 - Rename Subtitles

1. Create a new folder.

2. Drag both video file and SRT subtitle into the same folder.

3. Rename subtitle file as the same name as the video file.

4. Play the video with your media player.


Method 2 - Load Subtitles

But for some special video and subtitle formats, method 1 might not work very well. So you can load subtitles via media player while playing videos. Here we take frequently-used VLC for example.

1. Play your video file with VLC.

2. Press "Subtitle" on the menu bar and choose "Add Subtitle File".

3. Load subtitle file you've downloaded.


Method 3 - Embed Subtitles Permanently

With the help of Method 1 and Method 2, you can successfully add subtitle to video. To embed subtitles permanently, you may fall back on this third-party software.

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I second the recommendation for Handbrake! Am currently ripping and archiving my Blu-Ray collection with MakeMKV and Handbrake. The only problem is to know which subtitle track to use...

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