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Thanks Jag!

May I know what is "a special 2-way x-over"?


AKA Active Cross-over.


An active (DSP based)  cross-over just for the LFE is recommended for applications that intend to use different type sof subwoofers to cover different portions of the LFE.


At this point, I still highly recommend you to use 1 type of sub. Either KK or Rythmik; and not both.

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I personally don't recommend unless you know how to :


1) Use REW as a power user to perform measurements on Freq resp, time delay measurements, custom EQ setup

2) Able to optimize external DSP to splice 2 types of subs together

3) cross-over cross-over settings for 2 types of subs (in your case, ported + sealed) within the LFE band.


Its not impossible, but if you are hoping that Audyssey will do wonders for 2 different subs, be prepared for disappointing results.


I would recommend to always use multiples of the same subs. Using different subs without a special 2-way x-over just within the LFE band is best avoided. Why? The 2 types of subs will cancel each other out at some freq, and combine at other freq.


+1 fully concur.  :)

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On 12/11/2020 at 11:20 AM, econav said:

12.12 offer is on ....

Check on Commercial sales.

The reason we have not follow up on our offer , pls check link below , as we don’t want double posting...



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