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Raidho Owners & Discussion Thread

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I was very impressed with these speakers during the HK Show 2012. Henceforth, staring a new thread for Raidho speakers.


Site: Raidho


The new updated C series comes with upgraded design and improvement to tweeter, crossover and the internal wiring inside the speaker cabinet with Nordost Odin and Valhalla cables.








C1.1,C2.1, C3.1 and C4.0

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Hey bigtree,


You must be very impressed with the speakers to start a thread on them.    I note that most threads are started by owners rather than aspiring owners.


The updated C series has a new woofer too.


I hope to update mine soon.


I noted this from "The Absolute Sound"  AV Guide


"TAS considers Raidho's C 1.1 compact monitor one of the most realistic-sounding speakers available. Now, Jonathan Valin previews the firm's top model."





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Had a brief listen to the C2.1, it sounds EXPENSIVE! great depth, pin point imaging, very live! And its probably not even well run in yet. Oh, and it looks beautiful too.


Bigtree, quick post #2

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Look out for post#2.



OK, so I've just finished my Sunday morning cornflakes, so I am ready to read post#2.....  :)


In great detail please telling us why - out of all the options available - you choose a small Danish brand which until recent times was virtually unknown.


Once you're done get ready for some praise....

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Raidho doesn't make any center speakers.

So, if you have a big and wide home theater room, dismantle the C4.0's base, turn it horizontal!

Voila! You have one of the best center channel!


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