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Still in good condition.

All gloss black finishing.

Letting go at $500.

Contact 97890374.


NHT(Now Hear This) website



NHT VT-2 front speakers (3 way. 10 inch side bass woofer)

NHT HDP-1 rear speakers (Dipole surround speakers)

NHT VT-1C center speaker




Wall mounted HDP-1 Rear speakers (Each rear speaker has woofers facing 3 directions for wide dispersion of sound - dipole surround speakers)


NB.  Subwoofer not included.

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This a good buy for all HT nuts.  My Front NHT 2.5is have been with me for almost 22 years and still ditching out outstanding bass and clarity, and coherency in the mid and high.  I will miss them when I move house next year. :'(

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