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Larger Flat Screen TV discussion thread (> 50" and more....)

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For those whom are not so concern on what kind of fine tune features

on Color/Brightness/Contrast/Sharpness qualities on neutral displays, yet packed with TV tuner and very high performance panel that "guarantees" to be of 16hr/7days workhorse grade...


To my surprise, commercial displays are NOW available for public acquisition?


So far found 2 sellers selling this Sammy at a "attractive" price,




As well as other makes which they can offer.

I wonder what will the warranty package be like?



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No problem boss. So far this guy prices for LG has been quite consistently the cheaper one Am trying to convince my wife let me buy the Samsung 100", not the atas consumer kind. 100" commercial 4

Make sure you turn off all connected components before you remove or plug in any HDMI cables...

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Hmmm... It's going to be interesting when...

...HiSense-TOSHIBA TV makes a come back to local market?

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LG 75" NANO Cell 2021 model 75NANO75TPA launch price @ Mustafa @ $3610.

So... could the rest that are non-NANO could fall under $2.5k?

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On 5/9/2021 at 8:19 AM, domho8 said:

Bro yang this one how much 499 ah song ah 

65inch @ 499?

I believe this year your mid-year bonus very okay!!! I don't mind you buy one give me leh!!!😁

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hopefully this is not the one that recently got the certification from NEA...

...or else this SGD$2+++ TV is going to be a big dissappointment to many.

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On 3/12/2021 at 10:58 AM, YANG said:

Here comes another OEM from China after HARSON


no listing of PRIMA's TV in any e-sales platform like Shopee, Lazada and Carousell yet... So, look around, you might find it some where.

The latest and complete list of model offerings into local market


It seems that the models are in the complete side of the mega-inchers,

but not yet any on the medium average family size from 40~55inchers.

Till today, i still can't find any news regarding the brand launch, or any listings in Lazada or Shoppee or Qoo10...


It's going to be June soon... And most of the mainstream TV brands are in the process of changing new blood, my guess probably these new brands in the market will enter the market in July?


Btw... after a long period of response and feedback to the local OEM K5,

the company shares a little light on the 75incher model coming into the market in July!

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Could it be that 40-55 segment is too competitive? They decide to go disrupt the mega size segment which may still have fat margins.

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Posted (edited)

Most likely.

Take a look at the local OEM and what they offer...

PRISM+ : Small 32", Medium 43", Large 55"/65", Mega 75"

TOASTY : Small NIL, Medium NIL, Large 65", Mega 75"

K5 : Small NIL, Medium NIL, Large 65", Mega 75"(coming soon in July)

AuraQ : Small NIL, Medium 50", Large 58"/65"

Yeah... it seems the local OEMs are tilting towards the large size segments.


If you go to hypermarts like NTUC or GIANT, there 32inch and below TVs are mostly cash and carry. Unless you chuck along with other purchases, then the delivery fees could be waivable.


One another contributing factor... which is my own observation, could probably be WFH, Work From Home. Where one connects his/her laptop to the large screen TV, which most of the time will be situated in the hall, thru HDMI connection, the large TV turns into a larger monitor for work which can display more work windows. 

Some may not believe on the effectiveness of such setup. However, should you had noticed, while in office, your sitting distance away from the screen is less than 70cm in most setups, and most of the screens are either 22inch or 24inchers in corporate environment. If you had never do display out setting on your workdesk monitors, the default display will be 1920x1080 FHD and no matter how maximum you made your settings thru your OS output management on font or apps size, it'll still look small even if you're sitting in close distance. This is very poor viewing experience to most administrative workers. By connecting to larger screen device, whatever display will be upscaled. By connecting desktop or laptop to bigger screen TV for work, will also help to minimize kids engagement on console gaming whenever they come back from school... Will, the latter will be dependent on how much leisure freedom the parents gave to their children...

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the new Panasonic J series TVs are not Malaysia factory built. now the Japanese marques that are MiMY left S&S liao...

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