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Larger Flat Screen TV discussion thread (> 50" and more....)

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it's kind of... surprising that SHARP's latest release is a

common "size grade" 65incher...



...that breaks their tradition of churning out TVs with odd sizes such as 45" and 60" and 80" which some of us had followed for a certain years.

It's so... odd, that couldn't stop me wonder, is this panel really from SHARP? Or sourced from LG?


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No problem boss. So far this guy prices for LG has been quite consistently the cheaper one Am trying to convince my wife let me buy the Samsung 100", not the atas consumer kind. 100" commercial 4

Make sure you turn off all connected components before you remove or plug in any HDMI cables...

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Anyway, the launch of this odd size of SHARP TV is now going in a soft and quiet manner @ Shoppee's SHARP official store, comes with a 32inch digital TV as a free gift. $1499 with delivery and 3yrs full warranty.

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On 4/30/2020 at 12:51 PM, rayleh said:


Yes, their Aquos 4k, 8k TV are still available. The TV sizes from Sharp is always in tens instead, e.g. 50", 60", 70" instead of 55", 65". I wonder if their panels are from a different source or they manufacture themselves?

Just an update to SHARP's TV size profile...


Introduced recently, there's the new addition of the 65inch model.

Is it a Japanese PANEL, it's hard to tell... However thru a search on panel database, this model made by Sakai Display Products Corporation


...is the only Japanese made 65inch i can find.


And in addition to the FHD troop, 42inch makes are also added.


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On 11/12/2020 at 7:13 PM, YANG said:

And... Here's TOASTY to all!


if Toasty drops it's price down to $1399 and let buyers to decide how many years of warranty extension they wanna buy... Prism+ Q75 will likely to loose out by.........$10?

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Those who brought the LG82UN8100PTB, there is a new firmware that remove the ugly no signal display when showcase the photo frame(screen saver mode).

However, it replaced with a "no program" instead. But, at lease the size is smaller than the big ugly no signal pop up that destroy the beautiful screen saver.

It will be good if we can upload our own photo.

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AIWA can lower it's price to match what PRISM+ can offer,

no need to give the soundbar for free, together with a strong warranty policy...


...older generation consumers will certainly support the old brand for good!

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here comes one another local name/OEM that offers 65incher @ a very tempting price!





@ $900 w/2yrs warranty is tempting to buyers,

especially those who had been eyeing on local SMEs like TOASTY and PRISM+.


However, how the warranty works as an package,

and without further details in their webpage, it's not easy to get clarifications.

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On 11/9/2020 at 2:24 PM, YANG said:

The 2019(##PU@XXXX) Philips biggies review that comes a little too late...

The Basic Smart model 70PU@6774) @ NT$20k(SGD$1K) approx.

The Advance model  which reviewed sometime back


Note that 2020 model# for local market should be 70PUT###5



Previously i mentioned that in Taiwan market,

PHILIPS 70inch makes could goes as low as SGD$1k.

Locally, the competition is hot between TOASTY and PRISM+ with their 75inch makes around $1500.

So is there $1000 70inch makes for local buyers?



Surprisingly yes! Established China brand as well... just... w/out Warranty i guess.

This 70-inch 2+16G large screen 70D6S goes for $999 at Shopee!


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