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Professional Modification for Tube Amps

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I am a veteran craftsman, with 30years of experience in tube amp building. Currently received my retrenchment package, ending my full-time job in about two weeks time. During my free time, i am engaged in tube amp building and modifications/upgrade works from some diy-pro vendors. Hence i will now take in amp jobs which i sometimes reject due to my commitment to my full time job. I give assurance on my workmanship, skills and knowledge. You will be given honest and down to earth advice to best improve your amp that is cost effective, while most vendors would love to change every parts for you.


I also do customisation of power and pre amps. I have my own concoction of interconnects that beat the shit out of those that cost $500-$600. those who tried pants dropped.... oops, i mean jaw dropped.  Come and see some of my crafts and u will be impressed. I assure that u will be charged very reasonably...in fact u will be pleasantly surprised that such results can be achieved with a low cost while other vendors may want to squeeze every cents from you. Come on, the economic climate is not that good, let us get down to earth. Call me Uncle Sam...98003759

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