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Blu Ray Discs Bargains thread - please list them as you find them

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On 11/30/2020 at 4:58 PM, YANG said:

To those who wouldn't mind burning off one of their weekends

getting their butts heating up by sitting thru 9hrs of Tolkien's epics...







The Hobbits and their adventures is coming to pound ur homes!

Ships from Amazon SG now... want me to help you order bro?


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Amazon's stock sold out.

Local stock same 9disc pack as U.S. release, minus... maybe the outer sleeve cover.


Though priced @ $180 for local release, PohKim now offers 20% off without the need to add other purchases.

$180 - $36 = $144.

Worthy to support or not, up to members here.

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In a certain way, Australia is still much cheaper than local price... @AUD$70.

Anyway... I prefer individual packing on each episode than lumping all 9 discs into one single case. Looking forward to separate release soon...

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