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Every once in a while, We will post some of our favourites from our very own private collection of audio equipment, ranging from Vintage to more recent collectables...just for members info.


Here are two tube power amps from the early years of audio. For those of you who have not heard or seen such equipment, this is a peek into the Golden Years of Audio.


Both amps were made in 1955 one is English and the other American. Look at the pictures and google.... Not much have changed since... a good 50 years or more...Audio has a short history, the human sensory system has existed since the beginning of mankind. Yet there is no denying that our human ears were really made to appreciate sonic tube sound in preference over solid state. Marvel at these.....!!!




Powered by a pair of EL34s on each mono block pproduces 29.3 watts RMS




Churns out approx: 22 watts RMS of sweet power from a pair of 6L6s


In the Old days these amps were tested with a variety of pickups and speakers including Ortofon, Tannoy,WE, Goldring 500 and Garard and came well up to expectations. Reproduction was charactised by clean transient response and a feeling of a tremendous reserve of power from both amps. This is due to very neat wiring and extensive use of high-stability resisters and low tolerence condensers.


Hearing is believing....We invite you to listen to these vintage beauties from the Golden Years at our showroom. Experience the vintage tube sound that so many talk about...listen and be convinced....


















                                                      101 KITCHENER ROAD

                                                      #03-38 JALAN BESAR PLAZA

                                                      TEL.  97475732


                                                    MON TO SAT  12.30 TO 7.30 PM

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