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Transferring my music CDs to a WD harddrive for playing through my Marantz NA11s1 Dac USB port.

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I have a Taiwan made Dvd-9.  


Can I use J-iRiver to rip just the song     'Ai Piah Jia Eh Yia'   ?



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There is no "fast" way.  You got to do it with discipline and  consistency.   I use dbpoweramp for CD ripping and mp3tag for tagging.  I will advise people to use AIFF format for your rippin

Everyone,   Take my advice.  Use AIFF instead of FLAC.  For SACD and DSD files, use DSF.  Use WAV for extraction from DVD-Audio and Blu-Ray Audio   Today I am still regretting usin

A very BIG THANK YOU to Bro. AUDIO for your generosity of Time and Effort in detailing the requirements for Ripping Cds and the Ripping Process.   Really appreciate. I have ripped about 50 C

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