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Linear Power Supply (LPS) with Dual DC Adjustable Output Voltage

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Hi there


Re: Linear Power Supply (LPS) with Dual DC Adjustable Output Voltage


Anyone here has tried one of these LPS? How do they compare to a dedicated unit or a custom made unit? To be used with a tubed phono and a DAC.


Thank you.


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Whether it’s a dedicated single output or dual outputs, it doesn’t really matter.


What matters most is what kind of circuit is the unit using for each and every rail of DC output. 

And if you looking at some specific products, you can just list them down so that people who owns or have experienced with them can give their comments. 

If you do not have anything in mind, at least you need to list down your required DC voltage and Ampere ratings so that people can recommend which to go for.


Lastly, to list down your budget would be good because in terms of Audiophile products, the sky is the limit. 🤑

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Hi pcking


Good comment. Here is the LPS I am thinking about - Linear Power Supply (LPS) with Dual DC Output Voltage Adjustable and Regulator – OEM Rod Rain Audio





These are available at Carousel. The top unit is single output while the bottom one has 2 outputs.


To be used for tubed phono stage (Hagerman Cornet 3) which requires 9V 2A and an old original Cambridge Audio Dacmagic which requires 12V 1500mA.


Their prices are good as well, to try out.



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I cannot comment on this LPSU as it’s not stated which type of voltage regulator is used in the design.

Personally, I prefer fixed voltage outputs or selectable fixed voltages instead of using a trim resistor to adjust. 

Maybe others who have tried can give their feedbacks. 

But the price is definitely very reasonable.


For your power requirements and at similar price range, you can also check out the ifi iPower or iPowerX.


These are very Low noise SMPS. 


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