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FS: Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaning Service

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Item: Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaning Service
Location: Jurong East
Price: $2.50 and up
Payment Method: Cash/Paynow/Paylah

Contact: 923eight 89nine3
Extra Info: 
LP cleaning is essential and hence I'm doing this, at a fraction of what commercial shops are asking. Received many requests for cleaning small numbers of LPs. This is costly as a full 5L bath of solution has to be prepared regardless of the number of LPs being cleaned. That being said, I also recognise that not everyone has that many LPs to clean at once.


As such, to better cater to everyone's needs, a tiered pricing structure is now in place:

7-14 LPs - $4.00 ea

15-21 LPs - $3.50 ea

21-28 LPs - $3.00 ea

29+ LPs - $2.50 ea


Cleaned a total of about 600 LPs to date, managed to work out an optimal cleaning procedure and solution proportions.


As a value-add, I also offfer the following add-ons:

Antistatic nagoaka-style inner sleeves: 25c ea

Clear polypropylene outer sleeves: 25c ea

Mo-Fi-style inner sleeves: 50c ea


If you wish to use your own sleeves i.e. MoFi, feel free to pass them to me together with the LPs. Larger orders may take some time, but turnaround is almost always under a week. Dropoffs and collection at my place only.
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