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Dear Mod


Please consider how you can make "Solidarity with Australia" more prominent and sticky on your forum.


Appreciate your kind consideration 




Buy aussie wine. Stand with Australia.


We will not allow anyone to be bullied.



London: Millions of people around the world are being urged to buy an Australian bottle of wine or two, as a way of showing Chinese President Xi Jinping that the world will not be intimidated by his "bullying of Australia".


The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), comprising more than 200 MPs from a range of political parties and representing 19 country legislatures, has launched a campaign to convince people to buy and drink Australian wine in December, as a show of solidarity.



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On 12/3/2020 at 10:14 AM, jerome_the_lang said:

what are the taxes for importing wines into singapore?


any wine shop in singapore willing to order wines for customers that they don't already import?


The customs duty is SGD 88 per litre of alcohol. So if the alcohol content of the wine is, say, 13%, the duty for a 750ml bottle of wine should be  about SGD 8.58 (SGD 88 x 13% x 0.75). GST will be payable on the price + shipping  + customs duty @ 7%.

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Boycott 41 vineyards actually owned by Chinese firms
Auswan Creek (Barossa)
Peacock Series
Blue Lobster
Inspire Estate
Red Deer Station
Finders and Seekers
Linwood Estate
EI8HT Basket
Burge Family Wine (Barossa)
Château Yaldara (Barossa)
Cimicky (Barossa)
Green Dragon (Barossa)
Greenock Creek (Barossa)
Hemera Estate formerly Ross Estate (Barossa)
Max's Vineyard (Barossa)
Reis Creek (Barossa)
1847 Wine (Barossa)
Kilikanoon (Clare Valley)
Knappstein Winery (Clare Valley)
Hollick (Coonawarra)
Belvidere Winery (Langhorne Creek)
Project Wine (Langhorne Creek)
Allandale Estate (Hunter Valley)
Capercaillie Wine (Hunter Valley)
Lake Cooper Estate (Heathcote)
Badger's Brook (Yarra Valley)
Greenstone (Yarra Valley)
Handpicked Wine (Mornington, Yarra Valley)
Helen & Joey (Yarra Valley)
Hillcrest Winery (Yarra Valley)
Lilydale Estate (Yarra Valley)
Pettavel (Geelong)
Seville Estate (Yarra Valley)
Storm Ridge (Yarra Valley)
Sunshine Creek (Yarra Valley)
Wild Cattle Creek (Yarra Valley)
Barmah Winery (Mornington Peninsula)
Nocton Vineyard (Coal Valley)
Ferngrove (Frankland)
Palinda Wines (Margaret River

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To the Aussies, the term "CHINESE" applies to all yellow skin-ed race irregardless where they're originated from...

The are HongKongers, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Taiwanese, Thai Chinese, as well as Aussie Chinese... so... Unless you can dig out the "Chinese Firm" details, and the brand labels that their products are sold with or exported out to overseas market, it's best not to create a hoohaa together with the White Supremacists out there bashing our own Australia Based Singies accidentally.

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I agree. And the whole boycott will backfire. The media forgets the millions of Aussies employed by foreign owned “Aussie” wineries directly, and even more indirectly. 

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Imo targeting "Chinese" wine makers in Australia may be counterproductive for the reason Marc mentioned. Any boycott should instead target products grown, or substantially  manufactured, in the country which is the target of any boycott.

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