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Long HDMI cable recommendations for 4k@60hz - where to buy?

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Hi there.


I posted also in the classified sections but I am having some difficulty with my new Playstation 5 and JVC n3 4k projector.


I bought a relatively basic HDMI 2.0 cable @ 15m length, however the PS5 is only able to output 1080p @ 60hz and does not allow me to even select 4k/HDR.


I would like to display 4k HDR @ 60hz over a 10-15m length cable as that is the limit of my projector. The projectors HDMI 1 port is HDCP 2.2.


What should I be looking for in a cable? Should a good quality HDMI 2.0 cable be able to work fine through the HDCP 2.2 input? I must admit I am a bit lost with some of this.



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1 hour ago, wizardofoz said:

I haven't received mine yet but I bought an emotiva 4K HDBase-T kit for me ultimately going 4K in the future - currently on sale / runout. As I haven't tried this yet I cant say how the results will be.



This looks like a great solution. Thank you.

1 hour ago, pcking said:

For such long length, I suggest you look at Fiber HDMI cable.


Example: https://www.amazon.sg/RUIPRO-4K60HZ-HDMI2-0b-Supports-HDCP2-2/dp/B07287LTRZ

In general, fiber cables should work at these distances correct? Thanks for this link. Not breaking the bank either which is good. Everything else I found was 4-900 bucks. Thank you so much for the link, i've been really struggling to find something @pcking

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