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Helping my BIL (bro in law) troubleshoot problems
It seems that the 4700 is finicky and cannot detect sound formats like Atmos/DTS when powered on
Must power off then on again and it will detect else Stereo by default

OSD volume display also hit & miss. Must off and on then can see volume levels. Sometimes doesnt show at all when adjusting volume

Neet to reset? Again, could be HDMI cables. He resorted to using 4K hdmi cables (Ugreen) else moshu cables give snowy pic esp on his zidoo Z9X

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I'm looking to purchase a 7.2.4-ch receiver under company budget by the end of this year for my new sound room. (yes, specially built for me and my toys). 




Was either looking at the 3700 or 4700.


But i was just told a colleague had earlier bought and then returned the 3700 because of the onboard HDMI 2.1 Panasonic chips which had been found to display a black screen when pushing 4k/120 and 8k/60 through them.


This is a hardware problem, so no firmware updates will fix it.


Marantz, Denon, Yamaha are said to use the chips in their 2020 and upcoming 2021 lineups.

Sony, Pioneer and Onkyo have been said to have purchased those chips for use in their upcoming units. 



Denon recommends on their website a couple workarounds to prevent the issue in its current state:


- Connect the system to the display directly via HDMI and use the display’s ARC/eARC functionality to feed the native audio back to the AVR using the connected HDMI cable between the AVR and display. This will allow users to decode the native audio format sent from the source. With this method, the display’s CEC/ARC option must be enabled as well as the AVR’s HDMI Control and/or the AVR’s ARC option. In the AVR, this option is located within the GUI under “Video – HDMI Setup.”


- Another workaround is to leave or change the source’s video output to 4K/60Hz instead of 4K/120Hz until a permanent solution is available. This will ensure reliable communication between the source, the AVR and the display. The source’s default is set to output at 4K/60Hz, so if no change was initiated out of the box, then nothing further needs to be done.


So, i'm fcuked....


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