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MI TV4K and AVR handshake issue - anyone?

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Hey guys i have a new AVR - the NAD 758 V3 (awesome stuff by the way)


but my xiaomi tv box (the 4k one) wont seem to do the handshake properly, during boot up it will show the logo briefly before rebooting and flickering the screen - i tried many things like other hdmi cable, playing around with the settings,  it would start for a bit and then die.


It works fine on my computer monitor. I wonder whats up?



Also - my apple tv 4k works perfectly.



TV is Phillips 85 inch 4k tv. 



Anyone had similar issues with xiaomi and hdmi handshake?


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HDMI EDID issue? Capture the EDID for both your MI4K and computer monitor, then compare. You can do this by connecting your laptop to each device and use a EDID reader to capture it.


Capture the EDID for following setups:

a. laptop-MI4K

b. laptop-computer monitor

c. laptop-avr-MI4K

d. laptop-avr-computer monitor


You need to send it to NAD to analyze. You case is with an intermediate device (the AVR) which could be a little more troublesome to diagnose.





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