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continue part3 of 300B 845 typology 1-interstage drive

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Typology 1:

to give 300B work in full swing driving voltage a 1:2 ratio interstage is being made,+-70V rms driving voltage without problems,you get bottom to high note in full power.





today completed the insertion of laminated core,air gap DC current tested.


next project to try c core to compare with EI core sounding


drive 300B to optimise power


Fine tune the core with measurement taken and ultimate hearing 



the interstage work well for driving 845 tube too


my next typology for driving 300B 845 is a CCS chip design

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for interstage core material is important, while you need to know some factors for low signal application,it is unlike the output transformer core factors,I fine tune it with experiments.

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Core material though important, I would think a mix & match on the circuit topography  in used is just as important. Everything affects sound, from my own findings when one uses too many goodies the sound will not be very balanced especially in the bass region. 




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