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SOULINES KUBRICK DCX Turntables @ Audio Basic

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Dear Friends,


Soulines Kubrick DCS Turntable has being listed in Stereophile 2018's  "Recommended Component"


"I was impressed", "I was shocked by how big the ensemble sounded" , "Musical momentum and flow was superb" quoted from the latest issue of Stereophile July 2017, Mr Art Dudley written a great review on Soulines Kubrick turntable.


Stereophile @7th Jun 2017 review https://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-175-soulines-kubrick-dcx-turntable


Soulines Turntables, Kubrick is playing in our showroom. They are 100% beautifully Hand Made in Serbia with wonderful craftsmanship.


Another awesome review on Kubrick DCX from StereoNET : http://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/soulines-kubrick-dcx-turntable/#.VPTexzY30NA.facebook


We are very happy to discover this wonderful products which design and built by a turntable designer equipped with both "technical and music know-how" and bring them to our customer here who is looking or searching for a very high cost-performance turntables .


Mr Igor Gligorov, the founder of Soulines. He not only as a turntable designer, he is a musician (trained cello, self-taught guitar/bass guitar) , a music producer and a mechanical engineer. http://www.coolhunting.com/design/interview-igor-gligorov-of-soulines-turntables




More information : http://soulines.com/kubrickdcx.html


List Price : $5800



Audio Basic

1 Coleman Street

#02-12 The Adelphi

Tel : 6338 3245

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