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Dirty electricity filter Greenwave

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On 4/13/2021 at 1:36 PM, IrcGlitch said:


I not in position to discuss EMF as that's not in my field of study.

But for EMI reading is a very subjective.


We talk about price:

The price for 3caps in a nice case for USD30.

Each cap for USD10? abit over priced for me.

When there is no design or PCB or etc in side?



The same caps for 20pcs are sold on aliexpress for SGD 30. each SGD2.5 around USD1.9

So for 3caps thats USD5.7 for hardware which i have to pay USD30 which comes with nice case.

Anyone with some basic soildering skills and extra plug heads at home can get the same hardware product.


Now we talk about results (EMI Noise Reading)

With the caps attached to the socket head its jus stabilizing the power which is nearest for the plug location.

Thats why they advice to install multiple plugs at diff location for "best" result.

Dont this sound familiar from those seller who sell Power Saver Module at street market?


YES, the result reading from before and after the installation looks great but.... 

The same result can be achieve from my laptop charger.

Laptop Charger Off: 1987mV

Laptop Charger On: 1324mV

So now my Laptop Charger is a "Greenwave" filter

My Charger had not only reduce the EMI noise but also charge my laptop...

I should get more Laptop Charger now. HaHa.....


Btw i tried the charger to connect charge my laptop the result reading is the same.....





I’m not EEE trained so I might be wrong.

All SMPS have built in EMI filters because SMPS generate lots of noise so the filters are there to prevent high EMI affecting other electrical appliances and also to comply with regulations. 

So maybe that’s why in your example, by switching on your laptop ac adaptor, it helped to reduce the EMI noise but not in the magnitude of 1 unit of Greenwave filter. 


Btw, I did my own testing in the daytime when the base EMI reading was in the 30s. When I switched on my HP ac adaptor, it increases the EMI to 40s. When I switched on another Lenovo ac adaptor, the reading again increases. Maybe others who has the EMI meter can try it out for themselves and report back their findings. 
Testing was done on the same powerstrip with no Greenwave filters. 

NB: Laptop AC adaptors are not cheap either. 😜


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