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Dirty electricity filter Greenwave

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I am sure many of us are aware how important it is to keep the noise levels low in a system to achieve and bring out the best in our gear. There are many ways to do this, and there are many factors like external noise, room ambient noise, electrical noise generated by equipment, acoustics, power conditioners etc, in short, these make up the room criterion for noise


Going through the process along the way, the few things that I have improved on, includes lowering room noise, improving acoustics and trying as much blocking external noise entering the room . The results are phenomenal, the system takes on a whole new level. Those who came for the demo, will understand that point .


With electrical noise, which is part of the room criterion for good noise levels, I’ve used the plixir elite power conditioner. that has been proven to be extremely effective . The electricity that enters our home, are often dirty electricity that pollutes the system, is this audible ? It is a resounding YES ! It can be noticed in 2 ways, the first is through the video seen, (you can see the noise on screen), and the second, is through sound, that can be heard .


The biggest culprit that we have discovered, is the air conditioner in our homes. The dirty electricity levels are crazily high when turned on. I suspect this is due to inverter type of air conditioner. Many Bros experienced this. However I do not have a similar experience as them, as my air conditioner is the old type, non inverter type. It doesn’t introduce any noise whatsoever into the power lines. Amazing stuff, as they say, old is gold, this applies here


Let’s get on with greenwave. What are these, you can read it here




They filter out EMI and EMF (read link above) through 2 types of capacitors and they have the international filters that supports up to 250v with USA 2/3 pin connectors , seen on their site




  the main microfarad capacitor targets “traditional” EMI noise, starting at approximately 6 kHz and goes up to 10MHz. This capacitor shunts from line to neutral.


-  the filter also includes two nanofarad capacitors that target high frequency EMI noise above 1 MHz. Most effective range is 10 MHz – 300 MHz. These nanofarad capacitors shunt to ground.

      A few important things to know about this -


o    EMI noise above 1MHz is not as common as lower frequency EMI noise.


o    EMI noise above 1 MHz behaves differently than lower frequency EMI noise. It tends to capacitively couple from one line to another on its own (e.g., from line to neutral, line to ground, and/or neutral to ground). Meaning… it often finds its way to ground anyway. The  filters can shorten the loop.


Putting it to test , here is what I have discovered




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Before we enter into test results, let’s look at the pics , we ordered in bulk, after the first unit was tested to be extremely good and effective






I’m using one of these adapters, into the spare aircond like socket , I think it’s the South African type of connector 15a


It also works using any adapter from japan home $1.5-$2 Plugged directly onto the wall sockets




In case u want to know the size







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According to gene, the president of greenwave, the filters have a 20 year shelf life , for the price, it’s extremely value for money if you factor in depreciation


How did I placed this ? ideally, they have recommendations on their site, which you can follow, and a guide that tells you where to place them and how to place them, using an line EMI meter




I got this emi meter from aliexpress, for about $75 during the promo period, this meter has been benched against other similar EMi meters and they are rather consistent and accurate from my personal tests . So the meter is very accurate as far as my tests shows . Armed with this emi meter, I proceeded to test socket by socket and here are the results :




It can be seen from above that the TV area, (OLED tv in room), fridge , washing machine, are areas where noise is present and are at a higher level, as I discovered using the Meter conducting test on sockets at various locations 1 by 1







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Before we do all of that tests, it is also advisable to do a simple test to Ensure the wiring within the sockets are all good.


I use a 3 pin uk plug tester like this to identify all the electrical issues in the home






Everything was wired correctly at home, so no issues. My various tests also reveals very good Low noise levels in the entire home


I bought it for like 6 bucks from amazon in the past, but can no longer find it




These are simple steps for verification, that will give you peace of mind knowing all the electrical wiring within the home is done correctly . If you need help, please engage a qualified electrician !!! Very important





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Now that we have checked all wiring is good, we look at the device




On the USA version, meant for USA markets 110v, they have an plug through adapter , like the pic above. So you don’t need separate sockets


But unlike the international version of filters, it doesn’t have it !




You can see from above, so thank god most of the sockets at my place, are dual, it helps facilitate plugging one of these into it.


I didn’t only use this on the system, but all over the home, as it provides not only benefit for sound and video; but health ! Read the documents and link on the greenwave , it’s also apparently used in schools, good for studies as minds are calmer etc etc


My Mrs used to tell me those days, I didn’t really listen, but brushed it aside. Fast forward to today, she just looked at me and smiled and said :” told u before”.... & I went.... [emoji847][emoji847] (paiseh) 


Next, the best location to place this, is at the sockets nearest the MCB , as it enters the  home, the nearer it is the home theatre equipment, the better ( if they share that same line)


If you are using a Bada




Plug this into “direct current” . DO NOT plug into the conditioner sockets . T is counter productive . Plug it into direct current, and any other sockets sharing that same line, will benefit will a “cleansed” power along that current path


Definitely DO Not plug this into the plixir, as that one uses balanced power. It should be plugged in to the socket before the plixir, or socket sharing the same line


One very important thing to note is, apart from the noise from external lines, there are other equipments at home, that once turned on, introduce noise.


From my experience, the Apollon 8 channel amplifier using SMPS introduced the most noise into my set up


The purifi 1ET400 is first class, together with ati525 amplifier that uses linear power supply, is extremely good and clean sounding



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Let’s have a quick look at a video on how effective this is





Video courtesy of another member


As can be seen from the video above, the noise levels are extremely high with air conditioners turned on. Turning the filters on off shows how is greatly reduced and improved


The greenwave filters are extremely effective and a lot better than so many other similar filters out there. I’ll not mention brands. Hence I will not share those videos. But my person tests confirms this is “THE REAL DEAL”

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This is the levels I’m seeing now in my home, with full blast all aircond turned on etc





Apparently with the filters on, it stabilises the current and prevents surges and spikes . In short, this also helps regulate power, as can be seen, it’s very consistent at 240vac 13mv noise the whole house


This is extremely, extremely good levels , it can be seen from improvement on the video , Netflix , the noise levels on screen all gone ! When you see improvement on pic quality, 100% guaranteed to hear the difference in sound improvement


Remember there are two ways to improve dynamic range, one is to lower the noise floor and room criterion, the other is to use A good dac with good higher dynamic range like the ones on Sabre 9038 pro, that does 140db dynamic range.


Combining the two, the effective pipeline in dynamic range increases, the results are phenomenal! The system takes on a whole new level when the pipe gets bigger


Enjoy [emoji6]


Very good stuff, I highly recommend you get these. Very very effective. I will share more pics and videos along the way.


I didn’t think of sharing other videos, as it will make other products look bad



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Thank you for sharing the details. Interesting read.


Are there any pictures of the internal construction?


Where’s the best place to get this?

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