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Gobel High End Divin Marquis Speaker

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The Divin Marquis will be landed in Singapore next week. I am excited to see the arrival of this beautiful Speaker which come with German 7 layer Piano Finish.





Real photo of the Marquis with gold trim and the crossover




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With the opening of phase 2, we also accepting private appointments to audition this the Divin Marquis on special arrangement at a private home. If you are keen for this speaker. Please contact me at +6597475123 for an appointment. For serious buyer.

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The Göbel Divin Marquis is now review by Stereophile Magazine John Akinson in the Oct 2020 series award with a full range Class A award. The Following are some of the quote by the reviewer.


- "The deep organ notes at the climax of Philip Ledger’s performance of Franck’s Chorale No.3 in A minor (24/192 AIFF needle drop from Organ Music from King’s College, HMV HQS 1356) were reproduced with seemingly limitless power."

- "The Göbel loudspeakers were chameleons. They sounded small when appropriate, as with Chris Thile’s transcriptions for mandolin of Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for Violin, Vol.1 (16/44.1 AIFF, Nonesuch 5353602) but massively powerful when the recording called for it, as with Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way” (24/192 AIFF needle drop from a 12" 45rpm single, ABC ABE 12002)."

- "My ears frazzled by giving in to the temptation to play Joe Walsh as loud as the Göbels would allow without strain."

- ... "the lowest notes were nicely fleshed out by the Göbels but without any boom: There was no indication that these are big loudspeakers with big woofers."

- "But it was the unexpectedly delicate way in which these speakers got right the country-dance character of the third movement, the bassoon punctuations in particular, that impressed."

- "And the glorious restatement of that I-vi-IV-V chord sequence — so overused since Beethoven’s time — at the end of the finale rocked my world on the Göbel speakers."

- "Full range, low distortion, no coloration: The thoroughbred performance of the Divin Marquis confirms that Göbel High End presents serious competition to the Wilsons, Magicos, Rockports, Tidals, von Schweikerts, and YG Acousticses of the cost-no-object loudspeaker world."



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