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Transformer Help!

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Hello all gurus,


Need some help on this transformer.

How should I wire it?


I need the output of 280V/0.08A and 6.3V/2A.


Please advise starting from the incoming power from the IEC inlet.


Thanks in advance.



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Just follow the label on the trans.



IEC - Live and natural the 2 red wires. Earth is the single yellow.


Outputs all are the same coloured pairs.



6.3V/2A - White pair


280V/0.08A - Yellow pair


However, the safest bet is to use a DMM to double check the secondary voltages after connected to the Primary to AC mains.

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Do take note of the rated input voltage of the transformer is 220v. As our incoming is between 235v to 240v, you might get about 6.73v and 299v (without load) on the output respectively. A 6.8% increment. May not be too much of a concern for the electronics, but bias might be affected.

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