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Best Practice - Pls limit your sales ads to a maximum of 3 per day

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I have received some expression of discontent in the last couple of weeks over "repeated/multiple" sales postings by few members here and how their posts had occupied nearly one-third of the front page in a sales forum. As much as we will like to strike a balance in freedom of post while ensuring fair amount of "eye-ball" attraction for each and every member's sales posts, we have decided to call for a limitation of sales postings by each member to a maximum of 3 posts per day.


What do you mean?!

What this mean is that we discourage members to post more than 3 sales postings at one shot...To date, we only witness a few members who does that, as such we do not foresee this as a "pressing" issue where we need to go hard on anyone. Instead of introducing it as a "rule", we are going to make it as a form of "best practice" for members in this forum for now. We believed that all our members here are matured and sensible to know what is "reasonable" and what is "excessive"...let's start showing some "act of courtesy" to other members who also wanted to buy/sell their products.


Will I be punished?

No! You will not be banned if that's what you are asking. We want you to help us to make this a congenial platform for all members here. You can start by doing your part.


No punishment?! Then what's the point?!

As we have put it very clearly, this is "NOT" really a big issue as far as the Admin/Mods are concerned...we have not reached to that state where the entire sale forum has been "littered" with sales postings by one or two individual members. What you can do is to utilize the newly-added feature, "user feedback and rating system" to give your comments towards the member. So you can play a part.


Thanks for everyone's understanding and your cooperation is truly appreciated by the Admin and Mods here.  ;)


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