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4k Blu Ray Player Discussion Thread

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Not exceeding $500... Hmmm... that's going to be very hard.

After the UBP203 "demise" heat cooled and dust settled... ...the "Ghost" of UBP203 appears with another name and look...internally "soulless".

Ehhh... no idea. I just come across the clip last nite when i was watching youtube on TV. Probably have to go to TaoBao or other China platforms to search for this specific model. I don't think

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As previously mentioned... PohKim is selling these players in small quantities and shipments, as they do not have a technical team to do repairs on any faulty sets if encountered by any buyers. Faulty units will need to be sent back to China for repairs or absorbed by PK for 1-1 exchange... which is very rare case.


Anyway, @$159, it seems expensive for China made device, but consider that it comes with 1yr "warranty", the multi-code value beats any other makes in the market that comes with just DVDPlay multi-code.


Now... it's only down to which UHD-BDPlayer they may consider next to sell thru their shop, the GIEC-BDP5300 or 5500.

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