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  1. if u like super heros. do watch Jupiter's Legacy (Netflix) Season 1 Awesome SQ and PQ! https://www.avforums.com/reviews/jupiters-legacy-netflix-season-1-review.18699 quoted: Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 comes to the UK on Netflix, with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos too, framed in alternating widescreen aspect ratios - 1.78:1 for the flashback sequences, and 2.35:1 for present day - and looking pretty unsurprisingly impressive as per Netflix's standard presentations, notwithstanding the obvious caveat: things can get extremely dark. Indeed, th
  2. Just did Online update from v6.1.05 to v6.3.2 Firmware for Z9X successfully cheers !
  3. Hi Guys, Notice here the scene petty quiet at Stereonet, thus offered to help a bro @jmjantony to post his photos setup here. Recently got a chance to visit his setup . It's awesome. To me, there no such thing as perfect or best setup- Full range, crossover, placement, flavour etc it's all up to own measurements and preference. Enjoy guys! Any bros that visit him before please can give some feedback cheers.
  4. Zoom FULL to will be 16:9 Full mode ? Will definitely snatch 4K HDR disc if ever release cheers
  5. Finished this 4 hours Phew. What a show. Story is so nice from the very start. Love the Amazons and Wonder Woman Action packed first 2 hours. Batman Action towards the end! Awesome 4hours Shiok!
  6. Item: MILLER & KREISEL SOUND S-150 THX Front Satellite Speaker ( Magnetically Shielded) Made in USA Location: Punggol Price: $2000 Item Condition: Drivers all in good condition Reason for selling: Spare Set Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Original Made In USA series. Awesome for Home Theatre! Please PM me if u r keen thanks. t Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  7. Now have lot of movies and series to watch on Netflix, HBO+ and Disney+ For the weekend cheers. Disney+ Marvel Legends Netflix: Outside the Wire HBO Max: Raised by Wolves
  8. Bought original Demo disc from Auro arrived in 3 days damn fast. For those whom nev hear it. Journey To the West highly recommended! Heights and VOG in action !
  9. Playing DTS-X Native movie utilzing the 4 heights automatically No upmix option as it is Dts-X Native which already utilized 4 heights as above. Good to go. Can Enjoy Auro3D , ATMOS and Dts-X !
  10. Watching the mandalorian Season 1 . Upmix to Auro3D . Just awesome Heights.
  11. After playing around, am set on Front Heights and Rear Heights Configuration all working well. ? Native Atmos movie
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