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  1. Just finished episode 10. Yap the alien thumping that spaceship on the groud. Front heights and rear heights in ATMOS Awesome awake THUMPING.
  2. Finished this just now. Super Awesome SQ the Dynamic levels. Need to reduce MV -5 to -8 range. Especially when the GODS start the action fight.
  3. Finished this yesterday with family. Some Sound effect scary moments. Story plot so so .
  4. Been reading rave reviews of this AVP. Dont think any local distributor yet if not will clock this lioa bro. Last checked SGD 6K all in with shipping seem VFM deal.
  5. Wow Marc congratuations. Endgame Everest!! Dream come true sia
  6. Thanks Marc. The AT screen make it so much tidy up front Are these the JBP Everest series?
  7. Hi Marc, Gorgeous. May I know your this setup is overseas? AT Screen? Thank you cheers.
  8. Look exciting this one just out. just wait a while to sync via Beqdesigner or Github Desktop.
  9. +1 no brainer deal. SG Brand I think. Not bright enough for huge living hall but sufficient for room usage dramas.
  10. wow seem like Vertex 2 is doing it well bro? Cheers. :)
  11. 1. WTS used SVS PB-12 Plus 2 Dual 12" Down Firing Subwoofer asking price $1150 (1 offer pending) 2. M&K Sound THX 750 Center Piano Black (RESERVED pending collection) Might want to sell item. Price firm MWTS used Oppo 203 4k HDR Bluray Player Asking Price $1400 (full box) Keen buyers please PM me u offer many thanks.
  12. Fast bro. UPS expedited delivery is really superb fast
  13. Incoming :) Progress Indicator Status Date Location Activity Future Event Delivery - - Current Event In Transit 09/18/2020 11:20 P.M. Chung Ho City, Taiwan Past Event Shipped 09/18/2020 6:35 P.M. Chung Ho City, Taiwan Past Event Label Created 09/17/2020 1:50 P.M. Taiwan
  14. Looking forward to the launch pricing. Am actually keen to see if it's with 5 years warranty which I think will be worth it. Whether it is avr or avp, to me - new technology with latest chipset always excel. This is the 110 limited flagship edition which the internal components are the absolutely tuned to the best. Exciting news for Denon fans.
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