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  1. Item: MILLER & KREISEL SOUND S-150 THX Front Satellite Speaker ( Magnetically Shielded) Made in USA Location: Punggol Price: $2000 Item Condition: Drivers all in good condition Reason for selling: Spare Set Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Original Made In USA series. Awesome for Home Theatre! Please PM me if u r keen thanks. t Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  2. Now have lot of movies and series to watch on Netflix, HBO+ and Disney+ For the weekend cheers. Disney+ Marvel Legends Netflix: Outside the Wire HBO Max: Raised by Wolves
  3. Bought original Demo disc from Auro arrived in 3 days damn fast. For those whom nev hear it. Journey To the West highly recommended! Heights and VOG in action !
  4. Playing DTS-X Native movie utilzing the 4 heights automatically No upmix option as it is Dts-X Native which already utilized 4 heights as above. Good to go. Can Enjoy Auro3D , ATMOS and Dts-X !
  5. Watching the mandalorian Season 1 . Upmix to Auro3D . Just awesome Heights.
  6. After playing around, am set on Front Heights and Rear Heights Configuration all working well. 🙂 Native Atmos movie
  7. A Sneak preview for the new height speakers. Will like to take this opportunity to thank @Winthur from Ovation United whom oversee my heights speakers installation project. All speakers were LASER Aligned mounted to perfection ! Wife is super happy with the works WAF well done! Today Painting is completed.
  8. Going to a new year 2021, I have finally completed my plan very basic full MK Speakers 10.1 Auro 3D setup that my current AVR which can support with the following layout that have 5 ground speakers and 5 Height speakers including VOG. Thus will run 5.2.4 for Atmos & DTS-X (going to 7.2.4 as same before. as have 2 rears speakers new cabling re-laid ) Have also 2 up front current in ceiling speakers on standby for 7.2.6 if i upgrade to a 13 or 15 channel AVR\AVP 2021 plan will have to add the front center Height for Auro3D too. Last but not least
  9. Branding Signs arrive complete. Merry Christmas and advanced Happy Near Year cheers.
  10. All the HT signs ready in the house ! Planning ending setup in 2020 !
  11. Yah think he's the only bro. do drop a txt if clearing 8500 cheers.
  12. Just finish this with BEQ . What a Kan Cheong Movie. Can only watch at -23 to -25 MV this one. Really LOUD man. My listening level normally at - 10 to -15 MV IMAX ver
  13. Am on Resident Evil ATMOS marathon now. Come out Blade ATMOS wowo. a must watch with BEQ filters loaded.
  14. Up was some 1st batch of Audio Codec HT signs (easily blueTac onto wall as shown below ) 2nd batch of my belove HT Brands Signs is in shipping progress now, including a batch reaching soon ( for a group of kakis 🙂 , d Now on 7.2.4 running on Preferred Front heights and Back Rears . 6 heights ready on ATMOS 13.1 layout. FH\TM\BR Planning potential add on 1 or 2 more speaker.
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