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  1. Always improving your impressive setup bro. Enjoy and Thumbs up cheers.
  2. Interested please pm me thanks. 1 offer is in Item 1 : M&K S150-THX Speakers Location: Punggol Price: $2500 Item Condition: Drivers are good condition Reason for selling: Change of model due to placement concern \WAF Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: MWTS a used set of left, center and right M&K S150-THX speakers for sale. This was the made in USA original sets Used to retail near to $5000, now selling for $2500. Read the reviews here: http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/m-and-k/s
  3. Winthur have the best and treated layout there. Yap if can drop by will be best 🙂
  4. Hey bro, Dont mind any budget range u looking at? Just to share, i have the chance to own and played around with REL 1205, PSA V1811 and Rythmik Subs. For HT and Stereo, will still recommend Rythmik with Servo. 🙂 Thanks.
  5. Item: Location: Punggol Price: $1150 Item Condition: Player and Remote Control Tip top very mint Reason for selling: Got few media players, under utilized Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Price is firm. Pm me for u best offer please thanks a lot. Photos (you must include photographs here):
  6. https://www.anthemav.com/new/ Finallly soonnn Anthem new design and refresh specs coming up.
  7. May I know how big is the screen Marc? 100" Diagnonal? thanks.
  8. Just finished episode 10. Yap the alien thumping that spaceship on the groud. Front heights and rear heights in ATMOS Awesome awake THUMPING.
  9. Finished this just now. Super Awesome SQ the Dynamic levels. Need to reduce MV -5 to -8 range. Especially when the GODS start the action fight.
  10. Finished this yesterday with family. Some Sound effect scary moments. Story plot so so .
  11. Been reading rave reviews of this AVP. Dont think any local distributor yet if not will clock this lioa bro. Last checked SGD 6K all in with shipping seem VFM deal.
  12. Wow Marc congratuations. Endgame Everest!! Dream come true sia
  13. Thanks Marc. The AT screen make it so much tidy up front Are these the JBP Everest series?
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