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  1. Got myself a 2nd hand Parasound A51 5 channels amp. Hooked up L, R, C and top height pre-out of Denon to the A51. The rear and back surrounds remain powered by the Denon X3600. And last weekend, brought out from my store room my old ADX Maximus bass shakers and installed them under the sofa. Connected using a FMOD 50Hz Low Pass filter. At first, wanted to power the shakers with a mono amp (pic with wiring in series). But changed my mind to use a stereo amp (an old Lepai LP-2020A+ 20W x 2 amp) - so, now each shaker powered L or R channel. Cheap bass - wo
  2. Please read the guidelines and edit your ad accordingly. Your ad will remain hidden till you indicate the selling prices.
  3. Size matters? 😉 80" TV @ 2.3m - is too large for some. But for home theater enthusiasts - is just about OK. I have a projector with 105" display and I'm sitting about 2.5m away (eye to screen). Size is just about right. Not too big for me.
  4. You can also consider projectors with a good ALR screen. 120" or larger won't be a problem.
  5. It's more than a year ago since the last time I watched a movie in a cinema. 😄 The last movie being the excellent "1917"... So, now that things are reasonably "safe", can go catch a block buster.. seating was spaced out with 2 seats empty on the left and right. And no one in front or behind you. Godzilla vs Kong - well, what can I say.. hmm - as a pure action/entertainment movie - I would say it's OK. The fight scenes were done very well. The CGI was pretty good. I think when the Blurays come out, there'll be a lot of new favourite demos to use on our home theaters. 😉
  6. Actually, $5k - I think can get something decent. If you go with SVS Prime bookshelf 5.1 - that's only like $2.9k (or maybe less). Or Elac 7.1 for about $3k Denon X3700 about $1.5k. You can search online sites Lazada for these prices. If you go to the shop, maybe can get better prices. 😄 Good luck.
  7. Only aiming for 5.1? Not interested in Atmos? 5.1.2 or 5.1.4... Have any difficulty with installing speakers & cables if speakers on top?
  8. I put a laptop cooler on top of my 3600. Works well enough to cool the unit.
  9. Yesterday, it was showing $3*99 !! Today it went up.. don't understand!!! And the first link.. yesterday was $40?? ... Today is up by $200!!
  10. Saw on Lazada This one cheaper tomorrow: Denon Store
  11. Sigh.. no choice then.. will have to live without Atmos on Disney+ for the time being.. 😛
  12. So, if I had a 1080P projector, I won't get Atmos via the Nvidia Shield? On Netflix I can get Atmos.
  13. I chose not to have pin for profile. Too troublesome.
  14. Think the Chinese subs will come soon. Cannot imagine why they left that out.
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