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  1. Any thanks for one of the most detailed and honest review!
  2. Anyone listening to the 805, 219 in non air con roo.m in SG?
  3. Do not put tube amp on a metal surface. Imagine u accidentally touch the metal table. Good luck
  4. Wow Dyson fan to cool down the amp? Did he do shootout with Panasonic fan?
  5. What I learn in hifi? Ask someone what he has, then introduce something that is of lateral change and point out the difference as improvement. Tada. Also,, other people hifi may sound better simply because it sound different. Oh speakers are most important in budget system but as u move up, source get more important.
  6. Hay platform, footer for the clock. Oh and cable lifters! Cost more than a cdp now.
  7. Haha maybe FE will argue is isolation, not couple! Will be shopping for rack next year. So far I greatly prefer TAOC. I do admit I do not trust the fe way of supoorting the equipment platform.
  8. Assembly pictures are the most objective way to show the difference. Many thanks.
  9. How is 5lp compared to the norm. Which one u got?
  10. Hmm so they decided not to award to marantz, rega. :P
  11. Agree with assessment if mains upgrade. Nonetheless in my entry system days, I tried different awg and discovered awg 10 sucks for low powered system. Awg 14 will be just nice
  12. Numbers all correct at high level.. Replace W by 'VA', will be perfect. Some may say, Hay 60hz has higher power than 5phz. Nah, dun worry as you typically have to leave x3 allowance so does not matter.
  13. Sigh. For that guy, please measure the inductance and capacitance. Analog engineers know these are most important.
  14. Assume u stay 1st floor, amount of radiation reduced by 99.9% or reduced by 30db. (1/(2*pi* r*r). Formula for surface area of hemisphere.
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