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  1. Item: Velodyne SPL 800i SubwooferLocation: Price: $450 Item Condition: Used. Full Functioning. Reason for selling: Trim down from dual sub to one sub. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paynow and etc Extra Info: Need not much introduction. Under utilised 8” sub. Well known with its extraordinary mid bass performance. Trim down my system from dual sub. Free with 1pc Gotham power cable worth $200 (MSHD male plug + Furutech female plug + Gotham 85055) . Self pick up from my place at Yishun. Delivery +$40. Contact me via 9780982. Photos (you must include photographs here):
  2. Cant wait for collection at tomorrow!🤩
  3. I ordered mine from gamextreme in 2nd wave preorder. Picking up first day release.
  4. If never been a problem on the tv but they contact you instead, if should be the similar concern as reported.
  5. Earlier in July: Korea LG has initiated a voluntary recall program in South Korea to offer free repair of some OLED TVs from 2016 to 2019, according to Yonhap. It is investigating TVs sold in other markets too. Overheating OLED TVs LG believes that approximately 60000 OLED TVs sold have a bad component that could under some circumstances lead to issues, of which 22000 have been fixed already. It impacts 65 and 77-inch models – but apparently not 55-inch models – from the 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 generations (full list below). It is not the actual OLED panel that is overheating
  6. Watched it last night. Feel satisfy for such a good action movie in the days cant go cinema.
  7. Congrats. I just gotten Rega P1 one month before. This is one of the most popular model selling in carousell used market. Its was came with original power supply. I decided to get a custom made PSU instead of its original PSU. I was thought its LPS output with DC, fortunately the seller reminded me its actually a stepdown transformers instead, 240V to 24VAC! Its rare to see such external power supply for audio equipment, perhaps Rega has built in AC-DC transformers. Nevertheless, was received the Stepdown transformers after 1 month of long shipment~ and never happy to have such solid build
  8. +1. I own Weiduka 8.8 before and after that changed to Sine Mega 6 and SAF60. The dark and dynamic background are few levels up. Just spend your budget get an used unit around in market if there is before upgrade the PC. Power is source of all things.
  9. Just subscribed tidal hifi membership for S$2 for 4 months. Good app integration with my auralic altair. https://tidal.com/offers/blackfriday
  10. Tien audio tt5 is simply just too amazing. Impressed with the presentation and demostration. Most of the exhibitors using turntable to demo instead digital source. What a big turn comparing few yrs before. No wonder vinyl record sales for the first time over cd after 80s in 2019.
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