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  1. Can always use a USB-SPDIF interface like Hiface, Audiophilleo, etc ... a recommendation is to stream HI-RES content using such interfaces into a NOS DAC (no filters in such DACs) and results are subjective to individual's preferences
  2. MHDT Havana does come with a balanced version http://dhost.info/mhdtlab/havana%20balanced.htm
  3. they are cons using various nicks in echoloft too ...
  4. TS nick is "big bad wolf" ... he will huff and puff n blow his crap all over ... dis-believers ignore n let the thread dies
  5. Hi guys, check out CEC TL1N Transport as well as the matching DA1N converter. Looks uncanny in terms of the features, belt-driven transport, superlink, LEF injection etc DA1N is less than 5K and looks better built than BMC, TL1N is a killer at almost 10K
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