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  1. The latest and complete list of model offerings into local market It seems that the models are in the complete side of the mega-inchers, but not yet any on the medium average family size from 40~55inchers. Till today, i still can't find any news regarding the brand launch, or any listings in Lazada or Shoppee or Qoo10... It's going to be June soon... And most of the mainstream TV brands are in the process of changing new blood, my guess probably these new brands in the market will enter the market in July? Btw... after a long period of response and
  2. hopefully this is not the one that recently got the certification from NEA... ...or else this SGD$2+++ TV is going to be a big dissappointment to many.
  3. 65inch @ 499? I believe this year your mid-year bonus very okay!!! I don't mind you buy one give me leh!!!😁
  4. LG 75" NANO Cell 2021 model 75NANO75TPA launch price @ Mustafa @ $3610. So... could the rest that are non-NANO could fall under $2.5k?
  5. J series 4k TVs now setup and on display @ Mustafa. 43x800J @ $1250 50x800J @ $1429 55x800J @ $1739, x900J adds $760 65x800J price not displayed, check with sales staff.
  6. the Koreans had successfully invaded numbers of local members’ homes to be the major viewing display device that plays a big part of entertainment life. the ****? are fighting for survival with Sony as the fittest, Panasonic comes second on price, Sharp struggling with pricing tactics and very attractive warranty packages as well as brand loyalists supports. as the local OEMs are pushing VFM moderately spec’ed products, how much more members here do you think will jump ship?
  7. Watch out for new TCL on GIANT shelves! 65C825 is gets 4ticks certification in NEA database https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/2616257c
  8. Sony is the only mainstream Japanese brand that makes the maximum mega inch TV @ 85“. However, if you can take 5inch short diagonally, you could get SHARP... just that It's going to be very costly than what Sony could offer now. the Koreans? i could have missed out one or two LG model out there, i do notice that there are 82“ makes from both loggerheads priced little more budget friendly than Sony do... coming soon, Prism+ and another Chinese OEM, Prima, will likely to create some craze with pricing under $3K sector...
  9. Hmmm... It's going to be interesting when... ...HiSense-TOSHIBA TV makes a come back to local market?
  10. Surprise Surprise!!! PRISM+ could be the first local OEM to bring in the MEGA Biggie!!!
  11. I'm looking for a console with wheels as well. but most of the designs I've seen so far, were too directed to the Retro trend that mostly comes with short legs or Slant legs.
  12. You can hang them on a wall or press them close together. One set of cables grouped together instead of three Was browsing Lazada's listing for latest on soundbars, then i come across on this... https://www.lazada.sg/products/q-acoustics-q-av-lcr50-front-lcr-speaker-black-i220603179-s336072586.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.43.79f5483faBE7lG&search=1&freeshipping=1 The Q-Accoustics AV-LCR50 passive soundbar that seems to be design for wall mount such that it could flush on surface align with TVs on brackets. However, it can stand on TV console a
  13. Quietly launched 2 weeks ago by posting a video into clip in their FB page the long waited CREATIVE SXFi CARRIER soundbar creeps into the market without any big hoohaa, now available for order @ $1500 with local delivery and 1yr warranty! https://sg.creative.com/p/speakers/creative-sxfi-carrier#buy-menu Some YouTubers got their evaluation sets for reviews, however, their review could be a little shallow without exploring further into details such as supported Audio formats or what further possibilities can be played on the dedicated subwoofer boom box.
  14. For those whom are not so concern on what kind of fine tune features on Color/Brightness/Contrast/Sharpness qualities on neutral displays, yet packed with TV tuner and very high performance panel that "guarantees" to be of 16hr/7days workhorse grade... To my surprise, commercial displays are NOW available for public acquisition? So far found 2 sellers selling this Sammy at a "attractive" price, https://lioncityco.com/collections/hotel-commercial-business-tvs/products/samsung-lh65bethlgkxxs-65-samsung-biz-tv-be65t-h-4-ticks https://singaporeprojector.com/ph
  15. Many factors have effects on TV prices. The most common one i encounter when making queries points to the cost of labor and delivery. Sellers would say that "Okay, i can make arrangement to cut $50/$100 off from what we agree on, but, on condition that you have to collect and pick up yourself. Should there be any light damages such as dents or cracks, even hairline ones, you can't claim on warranty." The next common one will be on Warranty package aka Product Insurance, which i always emphasize on. Product specs can be 90% identical, hence the costs to the se
  16. After Toasty, PRISM+ and the last K5, there's a new SG KID in town! "Aura Q" https://auraq.sg/ And they come with a BANG! (try adding in a AIR MOUSE remote control to other brands in the market...i wonder how will they be priced) In terms of specs and price, you can compare their products to China marques like TCL, HiSense and Skyworth. Though the last 2 are in their last life line of being wiped out by TCL, and it's sub-brand iFFALCON that comes with better warranty package, and facing dangerous challenge from ChangHong, thru their "International Brand" CHiQ
  17. Ehh... 鴨肉? I believe even the original ABBA... ...will give their nods!
  18. After iFFALCON, one another Australian Market Marque coming soon. This time round, it's build by China's ChangHong! https://rumah.com.au/chiq-tv-review/ Spotted the brand listing in NEA's Power Rating Ticks database... https://e-services.nea.gov.sg/els/Pages/Search/PublicSearchProduct.aspx?param=goods&type=p ...just that the models are not listed yet. Probably still in evaluation?
  19. Kakak supports local, TOAST! SHARP's 7 Shield, assures your investment... ... ...! ?
  20. 2 place where you can experience the visual quality of the K5 TV other than their office showroom in ulu area. JCube and AMKHub https://k5.com.sg/find-us/
  21. As previously mentioned... PohKim is selling these players in small quantities and shipments, as they do not have a technical team to do repairs on any faulty sets if encountered by any buyers. Faulty units will need to be sent back to China for repairs or absorbed by PK for 1-1 exchange... which is very rare case. Anyway, @$159, it seems expensive for China made device, but consider that it comes with 1yr "warranty", the multi-code value beats any other makes in the market that comes with just DVDPlay multi-code. Now... it's only down to which UHD-BDPlayer they may con
  22. It's about that period of the year to clear stocks for the next wave of TV liaoz... The. J-wave that is from Panasonic.
  23. Looks machiam like GIEC makes... Busy innards, but Better impression.
  24. Ohhh... So pricing is dependent on package one!!! Basic configuration is roughly abt $800, goes high according to HDD package we choose. Just wondering, will the HDD be installed internally like GIEC BDP5800 or just external connecting HDD?
  25. Ehhh... no idea. I just come across the clip last nite when i was watching youtube on TV. Probably have to go to TaoBao or other China platforms to search for this specific model. I don't think so... as i mentioned, "internally soulless". When you look at the uncased internal, the layout is as "economical" as other typical BluRay player you may come across in the market. Panasonic's UB820/9000 looks much more better in ingredients than this "Ghost".
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