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  1. https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1623389388 The *new* Panasonic UB9000 will hv ESS DAC replacing the AKM ones which is in short supply due to factory incident.
  2. A very good price for a mainstream brand mega inch TV! Considering that without discount, the PRISM+ is priced @ $3k... ...where we have no clear idea what kind or origin of panel is used. By origin, SAMSUNG and LG are the biggest panel makers that have plants in different parts of Asia producing different panels of sizes and specs. From TAIWAN, there're Innolux, AUO, from China besides the BoE we mostly knew, TCL also makes their own panels thru CSOT. So... it won't be any surprise that PRISM+ may not be using Korean panels or Taiwanese, but relatively budget makes from China. So... @$30
  3. Ehh...... @ $4+++ ... ...with not much room for upgradability when compared to NAD... ... i guess the choice is up to ANTHEM's fans to decide?
  4. F I N A L L Y !!! NAKAMICHI gets a proper distributor in SG!!! https://www.nakamichihomeaudio.com/collections/home-theater/products/shockwafe-ultra-9-2-4 @ $1400. It's kind of little pricey though... but, still safe and economical when compared to ordering from U.S.
  5. Let this "ChioMah" guide you how to pick the best budget 55inchers among other competitors... ...and she's very impressed by the default settings of the TCL rebadge OEM!
  6. After a long search, finally found the original identity of my Panasonic 50HX650! yup... it's a SkyWorth! https://ph.skyworth.net/tv-accessories/4k-android-tv/ub7500.html the price you saw was without Lazada Coupon? https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/threads/prism-tv-q-series-android-tv.6428883/page-6#post-134538721 HWZer mentions $2550!
  7. Courts price... with option of 5yrs warranty @ $450. https://www.courts.com.sg/xiaomi-l75m6-esg-75-in-4k-hdr-smart-led-tv-ip168738
  8. https://deadline.com/2021/03/ridley-scott-steven-knight-roads-to-freedom-10-episode-wwii-epic-series-1234716437/ ...pity... instead of full length film, TV series plans is taking over...
  9. can loon, loon until Sunday 6.6 see how much blue bills can be shaved off.
  10. https://www.lg.com/us/business/commercial-tvs/lg-86ut640s0ua If the difference between US ans SG is minimal, just on the type of tuner in the system, that 86incher probably is originally to be marketed as commercial display...
  11. 20 new models added into the NEA Green ticks database. Close to half are LG, and in UR series.
  12. if Prism+ chosen the most budget board for their TV, i dont think that the DolbyVision standard will be that high when compared to mainstream makes. certainly, entry budget makes from mainstream marques are not that Marvelous either...
  13. yup. currently no way to get warranty extension. anyway, u buy XiaoMi TV is almost as close to TCL TV Liaoz la. buy from Courts can also buy warranty extension.
  14. And in response to XiaoMi's launch... PRISM+ chut their trump card of the 86incher Q86ProQE!!! https://www.lazada.sg/products/bulky-prism-q86-pro-quantum-edition-4k-android-tv-86-inch-quantum-colors-google-playstore-inbuilt-chromecast-hdr10-ips-panel-zerobezel-4k-netflix-youtube-dolby-audio-dts-trusurround-digital-tv-wifi-i1769475875-s9184369832.html?spm=a2o42.searchlist.list.1.65e3572bZ4enO5&search=1 Currently if you pay $500 more than what XiaoMI's 75incher priced, you get lots of extra gifts. But... if you can looooooooooooooon until 6-6, you might proba
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