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  1. However... should you hv very low confidence on OEMs... ...there's always another affordable makes in the market from established maker around!
  2. Animal/Beast/Monster nature instinct... seeing each other as threat... Like Cats and Dogs of different breed, until the day when they smell each others' butt!
  3. 🤣Haaa~~~ typo error too big,yet still can miss!🤣
  4. In a certain way, Australia is still much cheaper than local price... @AUD$70. Anyway... I prefer individual packing on each episode than lumping all 9 discs into one single case. Looking forward to separate release soon...
  5. Amazon's stock sold out. Local stock same 9disc pack as U.S. release, minus... maybe the outer sleeve cover. https://pohkimvideo.com/shop/english-movies/the-lord-of-the-rings-trilogy-theatrical-extended-4k-ultra-hd/ Though priced @ $180 for local release, PohKim now offers 20% off without the need to add other purchases. $180 - $36 = $144. Worthy to support or not, up to members here.
  6. Price now dropped to $800 if ordered from Hitachi official e-store online. However, the warranty still stuck @ 1yr, with option to purchase additional warranty @ $100 per year.
  7. Panasonic LED TVs will not be Malaysian built base on Japanese design for sure... Malaysia plant goes up to premium production, of OLED TVs. However, with the trend of Quantum screens and MiniLED backlight going to be hot in 2021, i suggest that you wait and hold, to see if the price of the upcoming "I" series will be more attractive against the specs...
  8. If it's under the G or F series... ...you're in the luck? Of having a "professional grade monitor" in coming?😁
  9. In local scene, popularity growth starts with TCL. Then local OEM PRISM+. Soon... LG's QNED, Quantum NanoCell LED Display!
  10. I'm no subscriber to NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or even HBO or any other streaming medias. So... kinda miss those cold seats cooling hot butt days...😵
  11. Streaming medias, be it Ur own physical disc backup, or thru subscription based providers will often hv to be dependent on network connection smoothness. subscription based providers content will likely to be affected on qualities if server streaming or users end connection is weak. in some cases, if there had been some changes to the original content where qualities is questionable... U get crap qualities even if Ur data connections is week.
  12. Preowned @ $4++? that's kinda rip off... local stock BDP180 was last sold in Mustafa @ under $300. in addition, some of this model in the market are parallel imports. so... it's kinda risky to pay that price for no warranty stuff... BDP180 although is wider on device width, it doesn't mean that it's heavier than X700 on weight that may have some suppressing effect on vibration, that ends with better sound output. Sony’s X1100 is heavy but commands higher price... hmm... tough choices... to go or not to go.
  13. Not exceeding $500... Hmmm... that's going to be very hard.
  14. it seems 2021 will be another year of win for local OEM like PRISM+ ! With Quantom Dot refresh on their current range... ...to draw attentions from TCL buyers whom may still be in indecisive situation due to TCL/Alpha Vision's warranty policy. Q55QE and Q65QE is out and available(surprisingly same priced as the non-Quantom). Now left the 75incher.
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