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  1. Budget Atmos soundbars from TCL... ...will sure rock the local hometheater scene with it's low price that even Philips can't beat!
  2. We can only hope that Philips brings in their Atmos gloves the lighter B95 to draw folks interest from Creative Or their heavy weight B97 ...to beat CREATIVE in sales!
  3. Introduced in January in U.S. https://sg.creative.com/p/speakers/creative-sxfi-carrier Until today it's still taking registration for interests!
  4. Number of months ago...i got a chance to lay my hands on a PHILIPS AVR like this @ CashConverters... ...unfortunately, due to my current residence space constrain, hv to give up. What a MISS!
  5. My reference magazine back then was STEREOREVIEW. I do read some issues of WhatHIFI as well. The impression i get after going to few years of SAVE in Le Meridien Hotel gave me the confirmation that, ANGMOH reviews, ANGMOH hearing, ANGMOH palate... is DIFFERENT from LOCALS! So... eventually, i'm only impressed with 2 brands. SHERWOOD and PHILIPS, on the amplification stage. POLKAUDIO or TDL for speakers. Audio source device wise, will be dependent on what kind of digital to analogue over sampling they offer... such as PHILIPS BitStream conversion, or PANASONIC's MASH-Mu
  6. Ahhh... i guess this is where my deep impression on AKAI being the oldest bird in Audio industry... My bad. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_Corporation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akai http://www.techmoan.com/blog/2016/2/26/auto-reverse-the-hard-way.html
  7. Ahhh... AKAI!!! How could we had forgotten that "old" senior in the Audio World long before DOMPTN(denon, onkyo, marantz, pioneer, technics and NAKAMICHI)!
  8. Introduced last year, but we're still not see it sold here by the HiSense sellers
  9. https://www.redsharknews.com/technology-computing/item/1370-8k-is-not-the-future-of-tv-we-think-21-9-ultra-widescreen-is-instead I rather to pay high for blanks on the sides, than black bars on the top and bottom...
  10. Sorted by size from large to small. https://www.panelook.com/appmodlist.php?st=E2&pl=&so_attr=&applications[]=203&st=E2&by=asc&production_state=1&backlight_type=10&resolution_pixels=8720
  11. [quote]松下位于山dao东的工厂每年生产液晶源电视机总量不到20万台bai,现已于2015年du1月30日停产。松下此后将委zhi托当地dao生产商改为贴牌生产OEM方式,并继续销售业务,以期摆脱电视机业务亏损现状... ...[/quote] https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/1771359343858842340.html from ODM now become OEM. Panasonic TVs may not be a good choice in coming years...
  12. AIWA gets hot somewhere when i was in my Sec.3 with their first "walkman* cassette player' that is slim and compact with the aide of NiCD bar type battery. AIWA's journey started with personal portable audio device, then to portable mini compo, by the time their products are non-movable, that's late 80s oredi... With those Mid-Fi systems that were not separable, cassette decks, Radio, turntable, and equalizer all blend into one box.
  13. Ur uncle time it's either SANSUI or SHERWOOD or FISHER. Denon/Marantz/Pioneer/Kenwood creeps in after mid 80s.
  14. No pics. Polk Audio CS150(STILL SPEAKING!)+S6 Fronts(now waiting for reseal on drivers)+Wharfedale Diamond 3(temporary retired)+Sherwood RV6030(up lorry)+Panasonic LX-K550 LDP(up lorry)
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