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  1. I like the one at Ghim Moh market as well. Great green bean soup.
  2. Ever since the resumption of the EPL last season their defence has been poor. Letting in too many easy goals. Early season they had the best defensive record
  3. There are discounts on qoo10? Where can I get them ad I don't see any when I log in. Thanks.
  4. So you need to pay a subscription fee for the Xtremer to get live TV channels and VOD?Not sure I understand what reviewer said about choosing iptv or svigo lifetime subscription or both.
  5. Been chatting on line with Tech22. They say can also consider the new 2020 Xtreamer TV Box. It is $40 cheaper with nearly the same specs as the SVIcloud 3 Pro. Any one has experience with this box?
  6. Hi Francis. Hope you don't take offence with my post as I don't know how all this works. Is the subsidy for such a low price paid by Amex or comes out of the pocket of the hawker. We should really support them as much as we can during this period. Would hate to see them go out of business. Thsnks
  7. Looks like Siv for me. Will get from qoo10 as they ship to Sydney. Thanks.
  8. Does this Ubox have live Singapore TV like the Svi?
  9. I used to be able to watch live TV on toggle (me watch) in Australia throuygh my VPN but since late last year it has been blocked. How they know that my IP address is from Australia even though I was connecting through a VPN? So now cannot anymore. Is there an android box like the SVI cloud be able to resolve this or any other box? No need to have an expensive one as long can get live meWatch. Thanks
  10. What is the source? UHD player and brand?
  11. You are not missing much not watching The Great Wall. ;D
  12. Australia has this if you can somehow get it shipped.
  13. I watched the game and Pool should have buried them in the 2nd half. Missed chances and brilliant goal keeping. Cannot say same for Adrian. Fumbled just about every ball that came to him and cost Pool the game for sure. Looks like their season has ended early. Win 3 more games and then hang up their boots.
  14. Pool playing like a tired side.
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