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  1. Yeah that is my main concern..... cos of most of the Oppo 9x & 10x are > 5 years even though the sellers mentioned their units are seldom used... and spending $5xx only to “touch wood” for it to mati... While most of the BDT being advertised are typically average 4 years. Some will say I will have to suck it up cos the number of units available in Sgp is very limited. Anyone here want to sell their universal player to me at a reasonable price? Lolxxx headache..
  2. Hi Cash, Thank you for the information.... is bdp 93 a better package compare to the BDT101 in term of audio playback via HDMI ? I have been trying to read all the various comments... most of them are on BDT101 vs BDP 103. Thank you.
  3. I also did some check from the classified section and in carousel, and came up with the following resale units 1). 7-8 yrs old Yamaha Aventge BD-A1010 (universal player) going for $400 (neg) 2) 3-4 yrs old Oppo BDT 101 going for $390 3) 5 yrs old Oppo 105 upgraded with Pilxir DC power supply going for $1200. My requirement... using the set to play CD & SACD and the R1 DVD. ( if the above players can handle R1 DVD, it will be great....else will try to hack it or grab a dedicated R1 DVD player cos saw some going for $90 in online platform)
  4. thx Brother! but i had visited Mustafa couple of weeks all the unit sold are typical dvd or BD player... those entry series and very old model too. used to see few pioneer BD or UDB player in the IMM best denki but all are gone..
  5. Hi guys, Is there any place left in Sgp where I can view a physical set of Pioneer or non-Sony or LG. BD/Universal player ? Seem like almost all had vanished from the typical Best Denki or Harvey Norman stores. Thank you.
  6. Hi, may i know what was the local retail or group buy price of an Oppo 103d or bct101 when they were first enter into the Sgp HT scene? thank you
  7. Just bought a pair of wharfedale diamond 225 to go with my Onkyo AV receiver... hope Onkyo will still be around much longer.
  8. Yeah gearing towards that... though not many are available online.. From all the materials that I had read, most will prefer a 103 over a BDT101.
  9. Yeah.. have been reading lots of online stuff on BDT 101 vs the BDP bdp 83 to 105 since Xmas... I think currently the cheapest universal brand new region free player will be the Sony x800 mod set from amazon... I believe the Pioneer Lx series are in the 1K region. Headache !
  10. Me love me onkyo!! hopefully they will pull thru isn’t pioneer AV biz sold to Onkyo?
  11. thx cos most of the resale unit are oppo.. not sure why so many are selling .. probably to fund their next toy i saw a marantz universal player UD5005, owner is not sure if it is a multi region dvd playable and also read the were issues with the playback mechanism after 4 or 5 yrs ..
  12. ok thx still need to run thru a cd-r.... i only need it for the dvd my BD & UHD are all from US so will hand no issue。
  13. Hi Pete, during the ownership of the BDT 101CI, is the DVD playback multi region ? Any idea if rest of Oppo BDP 103 or 105 on the resale market in Sgp are DVD playback multi region too? Thank you
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