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  1. Can the SVICloud Pro be connected to PC monitor instead of the usual TVs? Thanks
  2. Had dinner this evening at Nex Food Republic. Two pax - My wife had fried spinach, chicken cutlet and 2pcs of prawn fritters (3 pcs FOC 1) I had cabbage, sunny side egg, braised pork belly and 2 pcs of prawn fritters (I can assure you the prawns inside were less than an inch) COST - $13.20 Although the taste were at best, ordinary scissors cut-curry rice standard, I find the cost exorbitant.
  3. Does anyone uses Astro Aston android box? Is this better then Unblock TV? Thanks
  4. Is their price in S$ or US$. Have not used them before. Thank you
  5. On ebay, there are many sellers from China with so many brands. Are these trustworthy?
  6. Still searching - anyone has it to offer please sms 91918260. Thank you
  7. Anyone has this to offer, please sms me at 91918260. Thank you
  8. Had some enquiries but no firm confirmation. Still up for sales. SOLD
  9. WTS the above Sony Power Amp.- 5 Channel Power Amp Good working condition. ITEM SOLD - THANKS FOR ALL THE INTERESTS SHOWN
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