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  1. Blue_Starfish, So you end up with MC? Which MC & TT that you settled down? Malsound, Remote can only change the Phono. I need someone to change the cartridge too! 😭
  2. Thank you, that will be a good option for me. I curious both your 2 TT are Rega? Why is same? Have you think of Japanese TT or American TT?
  3. If I have 4 TT...🤔 That will be Direct Drive for MM & MC, Belt Drive MM & MC. Just nice 4 in total. 😬
  4. Hi All, Newbie here getting into the dark side. I have a Vintage Marantz 6100, but unfortunately it need to fix up as it don’t sound well. I plan to get it fix and upgrade in the same time, I think about buy another one as a 2nd turntable. But no sure should I get a used or new, direct drive or belt drive... Anyone own 2 turntables at the same time? Why? Do you own direct drive and belt drive, or MC and MM? Or the both the same. Would you mind share the story of why you get the 2nd turntable. Thank you and stay safe. Garfield
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