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  1. I recently had a similar situation, a change of flavour. Tried Ortofon, my first time. Not so high up in the hierarchy like yours but still enjoyable. Noticed that they needed roughly about 100hrs to run-in. Otherwise, rather constipated. Enjoy your music...
  2. Hi, do not forget to adjust/readjust VTA when you use/remove the mat. Note: if you use a Linn mat, be careful, as static may cause the mat to stick on to the LP when you remove it. As such, the mat may catch the stylus and cause further damage.
  3. Besides clamp, you can try mat too. Static...cleaning your LP will help. If you have not, a record cleaning machine is a necessity. Best regards
  4. Item: Verdier Platine Location: Kallang Price: $9000 Item Condition: Good condition Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Local set, tonearm and cartridge not included. Please SMS/Whatsapp 9729 0807. Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
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