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  1. If you are happy with the Project then no need to change IMHO. That Home HiFi device didn't thrill me with confidence: latching push buttons in particular and no real indication (with either of them) on switch contact resistance or indeed internal capacitance.
  2. ok, cool. Then switching before phono stages is your only way. I might suggest a high quality switch with Very low contact resistance are at the top of your list of requirements then. Other than deciding which phono stage works best with a particular cartridge and stick with that pairing, of course. 😉
  3. I got some 10mm plate laser cut and powder coated at Sunny Metal. Easy to work with, will do small jobs. You will need a CAD drawing to give them though or be prepared to have them do CAD drawings based on a physical drawing which adds to their price
  4. Really nice build, I bet they sound great. Who wound your iron?
  5. You are dealing with very low voltage levels, so a low contact resistance switch is a key requirement. It would be better to switch after the phono stage if you can manage it. ow many TTs and phono stages are you hoping to switch between?
  6. Very sound advice. I agree that trying the existing speakers and amp in the new room and see how they go is the first step (noting that room treatment will be required to get that room to work with ANY speaker). Positioning will be a very important factor as well IMHO.
  7. Hi all, Bill here. Located in Singapore, DIYer at heart but also representing ELROG tubes, Azzolina Audio loudspeakers in South East Asia with products available ex-stock. We also carry Tent Labs filament power supplies and mini eChokes ex-stock for tube amp upgrades and the DIYer. No obligation in home demos of ELROG tubes so you can hear them in your own system. Cheers, Bill
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