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  1. The Molybdenum Plate ER284 now available ex-stock in Singapore. Simply, these tubes are magnificent. They take all of the attributes of the otherwise best-in-class ER845 to another level in every regard. Limited stock available, contact us now to order, drop by our studio in Ubi Techpark or arrange a no obligation in home demonstration in your own system.
  2. Satisfied customer of ER274B and ER801A tubes in bespoke amps for a very high performance high efficiency system. Best in class performance, 12 month warranty, whats not to love? Contact us now for a no obligation in home audition of the entire ELROG range. Or come by our demonstration studio in Ubi for a listen. We have matched pair ER300B, ER300B-Mo, ER211, ER242 (211 with molybdenum plate), ER845, ER284 (845 with molybdenum plate), ER801A and singles of ER274B and the new ER5U4G available in stock. You know you need the best!
  3. Some observations from electronics manufacturer Closer Acoustics (no affiliation) comparing the Psvane 300B Treasure to ELROG's ER300B and ER300B-Mo https://www.closeracoustics.com/post/ps-vane-300b-treasure-mark-ii-vs-elrog-er300b-vs-elrog-er300b-mo-a-subjective-300b-tubes-comparison
  4. A customer who is using ER300B's in his very nice JE Labs 300B SE replica. The ER300B's replaced his WE 300B's simply because they sound better to both his and his classical pianist wife's ears (and her preference takes precedence!)
  5. Take your Kondo amps to another level with the ELROG ER211. ER211 matched pairs available ex-stock, 12 month warranty. For best of the best, matched pairs of ER242 moly plate 211s arriving soon!
  6. A customer in Manila purchased a pair of ER300B's for his brother who is a Catholic Priest Attached is the "voice of god's" comments on the ER300Bs
  7. Recent ER211 purchase for use in a custom build P&C Electronics (Japan) SE211 Amplifier. Customer comments on the amp running the ER211 tubes include: "Humongous sound stage. And the flow takes me closer to the flow of master tape." "The transformers on this 211 is just massive and so the ease is better. 45’s a very slightly more transparent. But doesn’t have the volume and scale like the 211’s"
  8. I would like to thank Eric Teh for his balanced and thoughtful review of the ELROG ER300B, ER300B-Mo and ER274B directly heated vacuum tubes. All of the ELROG tube line up that we have in stock in Singapore is available for no obligation in home audition. Whether you have a line stage, DAC (such as the Lampizators) or phono stage that might use a 274B eqivlanet rectifier tube, 801A or 300B (ELROGs are completely spectacular in a Supratek 300B line stage for example) or amplifiers that use 300B's, 211s (hear your Ongaku's or Ongaku clones in a new light ? ) 845's or indeed 801A's,
  9. As @zephyr11 suggests, it is hard o go wrong with something from Accuphase or the Luxman A550. You will need a bit of grunt for the the Sonus Fabers as they are quite low efficiency. As much class A as you can manage if a class AB amp (all AB amps have some portion of class A, its just a matter of how much). I'm personally not that keen on room correction, particularly digital room correction, as it chops up that nice analog signal from your turntable, screws with the phase relationships and attempts to put it all back together as a coherent whole out the other end. But differe
  10. Given the space and budget you have available (caveat being my own personal preferences: I like high efficiency speakers and tube amps as a general rule, although there are some very nice SS stuff out there) I might suggest the Audio Note E or J series (they are fairly efficient and sound great, will work close to walls IMHO) and a nice little integrated amp from Leben (EL84 amps rarely fail to please, for example) and you could hear both at Audio Note Singapore. You could probably also listen to the AN speakers there with an integrated DHT amp from a couple of manufacturers there as well if
  11. Does the "Integrated amp" need to include a phono stage or do you have that handled separately? cheers, Bill
  12. One more thing if your intended new stuff is in a common area of your home: How important is aesthetics to you significant other? ? You could end up with a completely wonderful solution only to find that the missus says "get that ugly stuff out of my living room!!!" It happens..... ?
  13. What is the size of the room (WxLxH) you have for your new system? Will the speakers need to be up against the wall or are they able to be positioned further away from room boundaries? Do you have particular music type/style preferences and/or particular music presentation preferences? Do you listen LOUD or at more reasonable levels? Are you considering both vacuum tube and solid state amplification? The room size and speaker positioning options are important factors to help with your decision making process, particularly for your speaker choice. Choosin
  14. If you are near the Ubi area I have an eTracer that can test your tube for you. Let me know if I can help. I also concur with the other posters comments re use of this rectifier tube given your description of what is happening with it. For what its worth the 422A looks like it has specs (1800V PIV and 300mA (cap input) to 350mA (choke input)) that "might" be able to handle the WA-33, but that s somewhat dependent on the current they are running through the 6C45P's and 2A3's. 6C45P's can be run anywhere from 20mA to 40mA each to sound their best (IMHO :-D) and the 2A3's in the 50m
  15. If you are happy with the Project then no need to change IMHO. That Home HiFi device didn't thrill me with confidence: latching push buttons in particular and no real indication (with either of them) on switch contact resistance or indeed internal capacitance.
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