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  1. I not in position to discuss EMF as that's not in my field of study. But for EMI reading is a very subjective. We talk about price: The price for 3caps in a nice case for USD30. Each cap for USD10? abit over priced for me. When there is no design or PCB or etc in side? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32905024559.html The same caps for 20pcs are sold on aliexpress for SGD 30. each SGD2.5 around USD1.9 So for 3caps thats USD5.7 for hardware which i have to pay USD30 which comes with nice case. Anyone with some basic soildering skills and
  2. Hello, in short, NO, does not mean more expensive equipment will filter out all noise and works like magic. Like Bro Cash installation/placement, Its a matter of understanding, placement and relocate. like bro Cash use a 1st Gen Plixir, which works great. But its just the PC and Nas that we need to relook at the installation location & get some thing to get the noise created at from the PC isolated. Its like you can get the most expensive water filter system in the market, world class in fact. But if we install it at the sewage system. it will still be dirty in
  3. With the above finding being observed and found, any volunteer to welcome me to find out more of your power Setup? As mention FOC. no straight attached.
  4. Here are my finding at Cash place and his set up: Line EMI Noise: 1) Dedicated/Separate Powerline Does reduce Line EMI noise generated from other Household applications. 2) Plixir BAC 3000 Does reduce the Line EMI noise as compare to ETKG, Weiduka, Tacima & DIY GoldGold. 3) Electronic Equipment such as NAS & PC when power in parallel at the output of the Plixir BAC Will greatly increase the Line EMI Noise. 4) The Line EMI Noise generated from the NAS and PC does affect other equipment connected in parallel at the Plixir BAC output. 5) Connecting ETKG, We
  5. Found this online. 3pc of capacitor... 3pc of snake oil.....
  6. Sorry busy with work, here are the promise photos of the measurement we capture yesterday at Cash place. Had make a line chart for all to easy understanding for the measurement took upon arrival. Will post more details tonight or tomorrow after i had sort out the signal drawing. Sample as attach of PUB Household with Common Mode Noise and Normal Mode Noise. Noisy.......... The verdict is clear for the measurement taken, as what bro Cash said. Save your money, get a Plixir BAC, 1st gen also good. Plixir BAC had won the Line EMi measurement with compare with Weidu
  7. Thanks for volunteering. I had contacted you by watsapp. I like the way you place your available time above. lol
  8. I have equipment to measure Normal Mode Noise (Line to Neutral), Common Mode Noise (Neutral to Ground) & also the famous Line EMI Meter. I'm doing case study to find out the before and after effect of power conditioners, DAC, and other power filter products in the market. Anyone interested to find out if your setup is working as promised? We can arrange a time which I can visit your premise and check on your power quality using my tools. I doing this FOC and only require you to welcome me. You can see the power quality on my PC oscilloscope and your result will be
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