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  1. thanks mate. after many many many hours of research i think i'll go for the 85" X9000h as well. Even though it has still yet to get some key capability yet, seems like its the bang for the buck! I was thinking about waiting for the X95J but reckon that may be double the price of whats currently on offer for X9000h
  2. Hi All whats the best place to get deals on large TVs in Singapore? Parisilik? Best/Harvey or are there any other sites? Would you buy from Carousell? Thanks
  3. Hi I've been searching for a modern AV Cabinet/Media console in singapore its been nothing short of a needle in a haystack. There are many options for Racks but its relatively hard to find a good looking media cabinet like BDI USA (they dont have a local distributor anymore). Where did you buy your media cabinet / AV console in Singapore? Requirements: * Adjustable shelves * removable back panels * hidden wheels * Cable management TIA
  4. wont you still have to "run" fiber? ? we probably would run the cat6 7 or 8 through the false ceiling... and isnt fiber like 2-3x cat 7/8?
  5. thanks mate.. will ping you.. would love some advice/guidance on setting up and wiring ?
  6. thank you mate! I still have to purchase some HT gear so i may stick with Cat7 ? can you guys share where you got your Cat7 or 8 from? My last condo 7 years ago, i got Cat6 from bluejeancables. Also didnt think about crappy power cables!! can you also recommend good online store to get the power cables?
  7. Hi, Renovating new house and would love to get your feedback on how best to set up wired/wifi network Devices: Anthem AVM70 processor Mac mini running as source for Tidal Hifi and plex NAS Smart TV (or UST projector) Wired Printer lots of iOS devices Lots of IOT devices (smart fridge, connected oven, vacuum, etc) Network dual 1GBps static ip fiber 8 port switch Mesh Wifi house is 3 floors with fiber termination in the middle floor. Ask: Can you share how you designed your wired/wifi network
  8. very late post but just curious - is it much cheaper to MO from US and pay shipping, gst, etc than to buy locally?
  9. Hi I'm looking for HT/AV contractor recommendations in Singapore. Apt to be renovated and would like the living room to be set up for 2-channel and Dolby atmos as part of smart home setup have you had some positive experiences about a contractor/team you worked with in the past? thanks
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