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  1. If you go passive VR the ideal position is at the rca out as the output impedance of the cathode follower is much lower. Also check input impedance of your amp , if it is tube then no issues if SS just double check
  2. If it's me, I'll cut the pcb trace & use jumper wire, that way you can experiment with different set ups. Btw what dac is giving you only 1v output swing ? Standard complaince now is 2v or do you mean that the tube circuit is part of the dac ??? If this is so then volume pot should be at the RCA out instead.
  3. Try reconfiguring your circuit to this.
  4. Is it a 6sn7 tube ? I would always go for a lower value pot. Wonder why the need to use a 22k grid resistor. From your dac out the impedance is always very low so no worries about overloading & with lower value pot would make it a better match for the input impedance of the tube stage. Cheers
  5. Oops Sorry gents my bad, thought the discussion was also about the originals.
  6. The majot part of the money goes to the cabinet work solid wood if I'm not mistaken. Italy carpentry work is something to savor but having said that the traditional Shanghainess carpentry work is just as delightful
  7. Core material though important, I would think a mix & match on the circuit topography in used is just as important. Everything affects sound, from my own findings when one uses too many goodies the sound will not be very balanced especially in the bass region. Cheers
  8. Hi Guys, Nice to discover a new site. Been a audiophile for the better part of 20 years. Use to purchase commercial stuff but now I mostly diy. It's nice to build, tweak & discover pros cons & very good self learning experience. Enclosed is my ever evolving Sd card player connected via 12S to my Aya dac. Thanks & cheers
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