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  1. what do u use to etch the pcb?
  2. $150 now. priced for a quick deal. Text me at 94 83 99 89
  3. price reduced to $200 from $250. Looking for a fast deal.
  4. Item: Oyaide Tunami Speaker Cables Location: Price: $200.00 (reduced from $250) Item Condition: preowned Reason for selling: need to buy other stuffs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: 2metres pair. Sleeved up nicely for protection. 2m pair. Terminated using the German Viablue Banana plugs (amp end) and spades (speakers end). Positive and negative ends are separated using brass collars with carbon Fibre ring. Very hefty pair of cables. Pm me with your interest. Photos (you must include photographs here):
  5. Item: LME 48960 Op amp and LT1364 Location: Singapore Price: $25 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Clearing my drawers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayNow Extra Info: 1. A pair of DIP8 LT1364. Bought a couple yrs back but never been used because it is a spare pair. only plugged in for functionality test. $20 2. A pair of SOIC 8 LME49860. They have been soldered properly on DIP 8 Adapters. Bought a month ago. With high quality bypass caps. Hardly run-in yet. $25 Take both pairs at $40nett. I do not buy op amps from dodgy chines
  6. basic transformer formula. Np/Ns = Sqrt (Zp/Zs) 230/6 = Sqrt (Zp/8) 38 = Sqrt (Zp/8) 38 x 38 = Zp/8 1444 = Zp/8 Zp = 11522 = 11.522k No rocket science here.
  7. 49860 DIP discontinued. SOP package still available. Ever consider the latest opamp prodigy OPA1656?
  8. kptseng, thanks for updating the results. My friend who recommended them has been singing praises of them too. glad u experienced the same. You have got PM from me.
  9. I am referred to the below for metal fab.: https://www.facebook.com/leplussolution/ i have not used them before but a friend told me they do small volume work and they are good at it. try contacting them but please come back here to update of outcome.
  10. yes i do, he knows what we are talking about. but seriously base on your description of the box , $500 a pair... if u go buy own materials, put in the sweat and time, u will still pay him $500 to do.
  11. Which plans are you looking at? i can help u send to a guy and let him take a look.
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