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  1. Well, he will be replacing the hdmi cables with KabelDirekt ones here: https://www.amazon.sg/KabelDirekt-Highspeed-Supports-Resolution-Suitable/dp/B07CMF1VJZ/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1S84CZON4I610&dchild=1&keywords=dolby%2Bvision%2Bhdmi%2Bcable%2B4k&qid=1606299341&sprefix=Dolby%2Bvision%2B%2Caps%2C315&sr=8-2&th=1
  2. Reset seems to work but the DV logo not appearing on his DV supported TV whenever he playback DV movies from his zidoo z9x
  3. Helping my BIL (bro in law) troubleshoot problems It seems that the 4700 is finicky and cannot detect sound formats like Atmos/DTS when powered on Must power off then on again and it will detect else Stereo by default OSD volume display also hit & miss. Must off and on then can see volume levels. Sometimes doesnt show at all when adjusting volume Neet to reset? Again, could be HDMI cables. He resorted to using 4K hdmi cables (Ugreen) else moshu cables give snowy pic esp on his zidoo Z9X
  4. I bought from Amz Sg but shipped from US. Mine is confirmed universal voltage No longer listed in Amz Sg though
  5. Item: Location: Price: $30 fixed Item Condition: New Reason for selling: bought extra copy Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Sold Photos (you must include photographs here):
  6. Also new. Used less than 2hrs. Paid $340 from Amazon US. Selling $270 SMS/WA me at 9665-0772
  7. Looking for a low-cost printer (below $200) to print my BD backup discs any recommendations?
  8. Bro Cash, I still have 2 pairs of Def Tech Pro1000 If u need more, let me know. Letting go for a steal
  9. I might be slow After months of watching the Evpad, I was surprised to find British channels working under the England tab BBC 1-4 working ITV 1-4 working Channel 4 n 5 working Skysports working ( no need to watch EPL via Astro)
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