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  1. Hi Aixtox, Facing the same problem now. Did you manage to find a repair shop to check on your plate amp? Or you replaced the plate amp? Your advice on contact of repair shop is appreciated. TIA.
  2. For the Pro, the mids and highs are not overwhelmed by the bass. Still good. But then yet to fully run in. If the mids/highs are your cup of tea, then the Piston 2 should be good value for money too.
  3. Just received the Mi In-ear Headphone Pro. Out of box bass is good. Will run it in. As compared to Piston 2, much better. Thought Piston 2 already very good bass. For another $8, go for the Pro when stocks are available.
  4. Saw a card at CD section at Toa Payoh Popular offering to sell the TT 33CDs set for S$369.90. Need to approach counter for more details.
  5. LHS is cable shop in Sim Lim Towers. 2nd storey.
  6. For those interested, just saw it at Toa Payoh Popular CD-Rama.
  7. Toa Payoh Popular does not seem to carry these CDs when I was there yesterday...
  8. For those looking for BD-R, saw at Mustafa (24hrs) selling a spindle of 10 for $29. Brand is HP.
  9. Updated location. No burner. Seeding when online.
  10. Happen to see this CD sold at Popular Toa Payoh recently.
  11. http://www.amazon.com/gp/goldbox/ref=nav_cs_top_nav_gb27 Today's deal - LOTR Trilogy at USD37.99. 20 hours left....
  12. Confirmed or rumour? http://www.gizchina.com/2014/07/10/confirmed-xiaomi-mi4-launch-metal-body-22nd-july/
  13. Hi Francis, you mean the phone thru OTG can power your HDD and stream movies? Or you need a separate power source to power your HDD?
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